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Test FE2 September

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Test FE2 September
1) Match the pictures with the correct phrase.
                                 a) cross with the green light
                                     b)  smoke here
                                 c) swim
                                 d) be quiet
                                  e) drive if you drink
                                  f) enter with a dog
2) Now choose the correct option for each sentence. (MUSTN'T or HAVE TO)
a) You cross with the red light.
b) You smoke here.
c) You swim here.
d) You be quiet.
e) You drive if you drink.
f) You enter with a dog.
3) Find the words in the wordsearch and tick the picture.


 4) Choose the correct option for each sentence: MUST or MUSTN'T
a) You do your homework.
b) You run in the class.
c) You use your cellphone in the class.
d) You play in class.
e) You tidy your room.