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A) Complete the following sentences with the proper to be form.
1) I   from Colombia.
2) You  living in Europe.
3) He  beautiful.
4) They  my friends.
5) We  working to resolve the issue.
B) Select the best option to complete the sentences.
1) Mary  a good friend.
2)  Sam and Jerry  my best friend.
3) This exercise  really difficult.
4)  Who  you talking to?
5) I   a doctor.
6) we  very happy living in London.
C) Complete the following sentences using the verb to be.
1) I  a wonderful person.
2) I don't know who you .
3) She  doing exercise this night.
4) you saul? Yes, I .
5) Men very tall in Spain.
D) Write the right letter for the following questions.  (in capital letters) 
 1) Where is the camera? A) Toronto
 2) Is your car blue? B) No, I'm not
 3) Is Nicole from Boston? C) Yes, you are
 4) I am late? D) She is my sister
 5) Where is Anne from? E) It is black
 6) What colors is your bag? F) No, it's black
 7) Are you hungry? G) Is in your bag
 8) Who's that woman? H) No, she's Canadian
E) Look the players, now put F in sentences that are wrong and put  V if  they are  real.
1) We  are members of the club .
2) The office is on the floor the second .
3) She is gilr clever .
4) The tax is high .
5) Bath cousins is in the garden .
F) Complete the sentences with the poper options according to the picture.
 1) He is
2) She is a  
3) Jose and Ramiro are 
4) The pencil is 
 5) She train 
6) Is the day
ˇˇˇ  GOOD LUCK !!!