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A) Complete the following sentences with the proper to be form.
1) I ��from Colombia.
2) You��living in Europe.
3) He �beautiful.
4) They �my friends.
5) We �working to resolve the issue.
B) Select the best option to complete the sentences.
1) Mary �a good friend.
2) �Sam and Jerry��my best friend.
3) This exercise �really difficult.
4) �Who��you talking to?
5) I � a doctor.
6) we��very happy living in London.
C) Complete the following sentences using the verb to be.
1) I �a wonderful person.
2) I don't know who you .
3) She �doing exercise this night.
4)�you saul? Yes, I�.
5) Men�very tall in Spain.
D) Write the right letter for the following questions.� (in capital letters)�
�1) Where is the camera?�A) Toronto
�2) Is your car blue?�B) No, I'm not
�3) Is Nicole from Boston?�C) Yes, you are
�4) I am late?�D) She is my sister
�5) Where is Anne from?�E) It is black
�6) What colors is your bag?�F) No, it's black
�7) Are you hungry?�G) Is in your bag
�8) Who's that woman?�H) No, she's Canadian
E) Look the players, now put F in sentences that are wrong and put �V if �they are �real.
1) We �are members of the club .
2) The office is on the floor the second .
3) She is gilr clever .
4) The tax is high .
5) Bath cousins is in the garden .
F) Complete the sentences with the poper options according to the picture.
�1) He is
2) She is a �
3) Jose and Ramiro are�
4) The pencil is�
�5) She train�
6) Is the day
��� �GOOD LUCK !!!