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a good teacher

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A good teacher
Jerry and Sammy are great . They live in the same , in the same street. In the morning they go to together .  They are in the same class. Mr Spelling is their . Jerry is very good at,  Sammy is very good at. They detest . They think it's very  .   One day Mr Spelling tells them about Venice, the city where there is  all around houses. In Venice  children there go to school by and there are no in the streets. can play outside : there are no dangers! Jerry and Sammy are enthusiastic. They go , connect to the and look at all the beautiful pictures of Venice. Next day they say  "We like Geography, tell us more about Venice." Mr Spelling is  .
1 Jerry and Sammy are friends.       
2 They live in the same town.          
3 Jerry is good at Geography .         
4 Sammy is bad at English.             
5 Their  teacher tells them about Rome. 
6 Rome and Venice are not in Italy.        
7 In Venice it is dangerous to play in the street .
8 Italy is in Europe.                               
9 Mr Spelling is happy that Jerry and Sammy like Geography now.    
10 Mr Spelling is a good teacher.   
ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: (use pronouns in the answers)
1 Do Jerry and Sammy live in the same town or in a different town? 
2 Do they go to school together or do they go with their parents?     
3 Does Mr Spelling tell them about Venice or about Rome?               
4 Do children go to school by taxi or by boat in Venice?                 
5 Where do children play in Venice, outside or inside?