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101 ELT GAMES! 15 pages of communicative activity ideas!
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MY SUPER BOOKMARKS! (EDITABLE!!!) - FUNNY VOCABULARY BOOKMARKS FOR KIDS (numbers 1-100, alphabet, colours, body parts and days of the week) 2 pages B&W version included
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I. Complete the sentences below using the verbs in the correct form.
1. Laura   to Bob's birthday party last week. I really had a blast. (to go)

2. Susan    our teacher for three semesters. Perhaps next year we will have a new teacher. (to be) 

3.   to the musical at the theater last Friday? (you; to go) 

4. Teresa  in France for two years before she moved to the U.S. (to study) 

5.  vegetables in your garden? (your mother; usually; to plant)
_Yeah. And she  a green thumb. (to have)

6. What  if you hadn't seen the car coming in your direction? (to happen) 

7. I  this book for two weeks because I want to know how the story ends. (to read)

8. Harry  for overlooking Kelly's birthday yesterday. (to apologize)

9. I am sure Tom  his parents when he shows them his book report with those terrible grades. (to hurt)

10. Mrs. Smith  to lock the front door of her bungalow without success.(to try) 
II. Choose one of the options to complete each sentence below.                                                               

1. I could hardly believe John when he told me he wasn’t capable of  a microwave!

2. Honey, don’t forget our reservations. I do want a room  the beach, please.

3. At first I thought that the seat was , but a middle-aged woman told me it was taken.

4. I’m glad Nick   for running so late. My wedding ceremony was about to begin when he got there.

5. I can’t figure out why Jessie is willing to  studying with a tutor. She says it won’t work at all.

6. You should follow my advice. This place is not  enough for you to go for a walk late at night.

7. Let’s take our time, honey. We can’t  that fancy car right now. We’ve got dozens of things to pay.

8. Pam, the freezer smells so awful no one can stand it . Perhaps there is something  in there.

9. Mike felt like giving up driving after he  his friend’s pet causing his death. He was deeply shaken up!

10. We were about to leave the road when a car  and we got stuck in some awful traffic jam!

11. You’d better get yourself a sandwich instead of eating here. The food is pretty .

12. Mom, it is the fifth week in a row I tidy the house and do the groceries. It’s not  because nobody helps me!

13. Mona  will  when she finds out her own sister lied to get that promotion instead of her.

III. Complete the idea of the sentences so as to give them the same meaning.

1. We thought the test was going to be easy. We were lucky it did turn out to be a .

2. Luke’s some huge . How could he give up his job over a girl? He just went thoroughly crazy!

3. That load of work is driving me nuts. There are lots of projects to check and   things to do.

4. I was able to get the job I wanted in the company. However, Bob   getting a position there.

5. Maybe Daniel will be here for our party he will arrive tomorrow morning.

6. Tell all the people to get ready to endure some training! Those  will face a hard time!

7. Once you stop eating junk food, you’ll be ready to  some other bad habits you have.

8. As soon as the pot pie is ready, tell your folks it’s  and set the table for me, please.

9. Isn’t this restaurant some very bad place? The service here is thoroughly  and the rates are high.

10. Giving the promotion to Ann was not right/correct. It would’ve been   if you had gotten it.

11. Lynn wants to do whatever she can for the baby. She   to help him in any way.

IV. Mark the option that completes each sentence correctly.

1. You can have ____________ a plain sandwich _________ a small piece of pot pie. Get whichever you prefer. 

2. That is the teacher   wife was run over last weekend.

3. You two should  with us to the campsite. You missed out on a great weekend and we had a blast.

4. I doubt the man  car broke down for the third time this week will come to our garage again.

5 . _______Mitchel_______Derek found a tutor. However, they studied on their own and managed to pass school.  

6. The entrepreneur,  assets are impossible to rate, seems to be in the doghouse.

7. Sam, you were pretty lucky when you fell off your bike. You _______  have broken a leg or something.

V. The sentences below contain an error or no error. Mark the best option.

1. Come on, folks (a). Under the circumstances, we better (b)  stop (c) to try to figure out (d) this strange noise. No error (e).  

2. We have to face (a) this trouble, and so you do (b). We cannot idle (c) and pretend (d) everything is fine. No error (e).                                                          

3. Shen said he doesn’t want (a) to come along. However (b), he had said he’d never miss out (c) on that great party. Actually, he had a health problem and wasn’t able to join (d) us. No error (e).   

4. You know (a). I apologize (b), but I really don’t remember to tell (c) your folks such (d) embarrassing stuff. No error (e).   

 5. Diana will have (a) a fit when she sees (b) it is a fact (c) Robert is dating another (d) girl. No error (e).  

 VI. Complete the text using any suitable word(s).
            Kelly has a new neighbor  name is Sandra. Dozens of people go to her house  she is the only person  has a computer in the neighborhood. The computer is really a  invention because you can do almost  with it. Sandra is  to help many people; , she doesn't charge any money to do that. She also likes gardening, so can help people plant vegetables in their homes. People say she has a green , perhaps she gets information about it from many different sites because she has  to the Internet in her home.              I think she has been  one of her most  assets: her computer. It could really be her 
VII. Complete the sentences using the present perfect continuous tense. 
1. Arthur  this machine for two hours. (to operate)

2. Why  you since last week? Was there any problem? (Ann; to ignore) 

3. Teresa  tomatoes in her vegetable garden. (to grow) 
VIII. Complete the sentences using had better, or had better not.
1. Harry  for the test or he will flunk. (to study)

2. The boy  the pot pie or mom will be very sad. (to eat)

3. I think I am running late for class. I  a taxi. (to take) 
IX. Complete the sentences using a relative pronoun. (who, that, whose, which)
1. Is that the clay pigeon launcher  you mother bought last month?

2. Mrs. Simpson is the new teacher  smile is just perfect.

3. Mr. Longhorn is the driver  had an accident last Friday.

4. The black blazer,  is Meg's favorite blazer, was thoroughly destroyed by the dog. 

5. George,  father works at this school, really has a green thumb. 
X. Complete the sentences using either ... or, or neither ... nor.
1.  Harry  Susan accessed my social networking page. I will talk to them tomorrow.

2. Frank will go  to France  to Italy. They are going to South America on vacation.

3.  yellow  pink is a good color for a blazer. I prefer a black one.

4. I could have invited  Joe  Peter to my birthday party, but they were traveling. 
XI. Complete the sentences using subject + special verb + too or subject + special verb + not + either
1. Roger isn't a doctor, and . (Fred)

2. Brian works every day, and . (Susan)

3. Harry hasn't married yet, and  . (Tom)

4. My bedroom has a double bed, and  . (Mary's)
XII. Complete the sentences using so + special verb+ subject or neither + special verb + subject. 
1. George has visited Europe, and . (Daniel)

2. Laura can't speak Japanese, and  . (Joe)

3. Kelly hadn't arrived when the class started, and  . (Bea)

4. The campsite was empty, and  . (the motel)
XIII. Complete the spaces using the verbs in parentheses. Pay attention to their use and forms.
1. My aunt Sarah detests  the dishes. (to wash)

2. Harry, don't bother  my weed whacker. It is dormant in my garage. (to use)

3. I'm really thirsty. I am going to stop  some water. (to drink)

4. My birthday party is going to be tonight. I forgot  Nancy. She'll never forgive me. (to invite)

5. Vicky should try  healthy food or her doctor will be really nervous. (to eat)

6. Where is my chocolate bar? I don't remember  it. (to eat)

7. You had better stop  your sister's toys, Marianne. (to destroy)

8. Did you remember  the housework, Amanda? Mom will have a fit! (to do)

9. Roger forgot  his father's blazer, but someone had taken his picture in it. (to wear)
XIV.  Complete the sentences using must have, should have or could have + past participle.
1. John  a car, but he preferred to buy a motorcycle. (to buy)

2. Walter was very tired last night. He  to bed early. (to go)

3. William  eating healthy food if he wanted to lose weight. (not; to overlook)

4. Victoria isn't home now. She  to school. (to go)
XV. Write the correct verb or expression for each of the definitions below. 
give up give away lousy
apologize overlook go with
space out virtue a piece of cake
snoop around lose one's cool dozens of
run late afford lose out on

1. To stop trying to do something permanently  .
2. To do things or to arrive later than planned  .
3. Something that is very bad is  .
4. When you choose something you  it. 
5. When something is easy it is  .
6. Another way to say a lot of is  .
7. If you get distracted and think about something else you  .
8. If you miss an opportunity to do something you  it.
9. If you look around a place trying to discover something secret you  .
10. If you say you're sorry for something wrong you did you .
11. To give something to another person because you no longer use it is to  .
12. A good quality that someone has is a  .
13. To become angry, upset or excited in a difficult situation is to  .
14. To have enough money to buy something  .
15. Not to notice or consider something is to  .
                                                                     Good test!