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LISTENING - PART 1 - 10.10.2016

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PART 1  - 8 multiple choice questions for 8 short listening texts
In this part, you will hear EIGHT short announcements or instructions. There is one question for each announcement or instruction. For each question, choose the right answer A, B, or C.
(Click on the speaker icon ONCE only for each question, EXCEPT questions 2,6,8 - click TWICE, because these files' size is too big to insert in here, I have to trim them to make them smaller)                                                                                                       
 1. You hear a man talking about talking about some seeds he has planted.
      When does he expected them to grow?       
2. You hear two friends remembering the last time they met.
       What was the occasion?                              
3. You hear a woman talking about her favorite book.  
      What kind of book is it?                                
4. You hear two friends discussing their favorite sport.
      What sport is it?                                               
5. You hear a shop assistant advising a customer.
      What is the customer looking for?               
6. You hear a weather forecast on the radio.
      Where are violent storms expected?            
7. You hear a boy talking about school.
      Which subject does he like best?                  
8. You hear a travel agent talking about a journey.
      What is the customer's final destination?