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Apostrophe ´s or s´

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What does "apostrophe S" mean? IS, HAS, US OR POSSESSIVE CASE?
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Age: 6-12
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The Apostrophe S: "is" or possessive case?
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"apostrophe s" - is it "is, has or possessive case?"
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Possessives “apostrophe "s“ or “of”
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Age: 10-17
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Possessive “apostrophe –s-“ or “of”
Level: intermediate
Age: 11-100
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APOSTROPHE 'S or S' – choose the correct version:

1 The hot weather only added to the frustration with the traffic jam.

2 The seat was set too high for him to reach the pedals.

3 The situation was unenviable – if he missed his connection, he would have to spend all night at the station.

4 After the bus's luggage door opened, the bags tumbled onto the highway.

5 The strike ended after they were offered better pay deals.

6 The salaries were increased by 20%.

7 The stethoscope was on the table, together with the other equipment.

8 Apparently, the patient didn't follow the advice.

9 Judging by the reaction, he wasn't satisfied with the standard of hospital food.

10 It may be difficult for doctors to fulfil expectations.