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Family test

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 I. Read the text and complete the text with a word from the box. Some words may be used two times.

She, their,  an, I,  we, her, they, is, a, his, my, years, are, have, 45, engineer,
Carlos’ Family

I have a big family. My grandparents on my mother’s side  Manuel and Antonia,  are from Nuevo León. Manuel  78 years old, he is  electrician, Antonia is 75, she is retired. They 5 children, 3 daughters and two sons.  names are Juan Manuel, Luis, Juana, Amelia and Lourdes. Juan Manuel is 48, he is a bank manager, he is married to Melina. Melina is a nurse, she is 49. They have 3 sons: Juan Carlos, Emanuel and Julio. Juan Carlos’ wife is Martina, Martina is an  and Juan Carlos is a doctor, they live in Mexico city, they don’t have children. Emanuel is a bus driver, he is 20, he is single and lives in Nuevo León with parents. Julio is married to Teresa, they live in Florida and  2 children. They work for a manufacturing company. Julio and Teresa’s children  Brandon and Melisa. Brandon is 3  old and Melisa is 6.

Luis is  father, he divorced my mother Maria in 2015. Now  live with my mother and my sister Esther in Mexico city. My mother is a flight attendant and  travels a lot. My father is a pilot, he is  years old. Esther and I are at University, Esther studies laws and I study biology. We don’t like Mexico city,  love Nuevo León.

My aunt Juana is a teacher , she is married and has a daughter,  husband is a merchant, his name’s Alfonso, Juana and Alfonso are 38, they live in Morelia.

Amelia is single, she is 42 and she is an architect. Lourdes is a single mother, her son is Emilio, he is 15 years old and he is  student. My aunt Lourdes is a chemist, she’s 39 and she is single too.

II. Choose the correct answer to the next questions:
1. Manuel and Antonia are:
2. are divorced.
3.  are Carlos' nephew and niece. 
4. Carlos' cousins are: 
5. Lourdes is Carlos' 
III. Write the plural form of the next words.
a) person  
b) child
c) dictionary
d) tomato 
e) watch  
IV. Complete the descriptions according to the pictures.

a) She has got   (color) hair.
b) She is wearing a violet .
c) She has   (size) eyes.


V.  Complete the sentences  according to the picture, using the correct form of: have got (singular, plural, affirmative, negative), the verb is, are or am, and the adjectives about appearance. Use contractions and one box per word.

a) He   hair. He  bald. He  plump and he 

 small ears. He  wearing a tie.

VI. Watch the video and answer the next questions.

a) The first man coming out of the gray van is , he has  hair and he 

 a baseball . The other man is  and he   dark hair.

How old are they? (Write numbers with letters)

b) The tall man is about 

c) The short one is in his  .

Who is the short one?

d) The man's .

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