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Past tense test

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Simple Past Tense test
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Watch the next video from 0.00 to minute 1.40 and choose or write the correct words to complete the sentences.
1. Did Jessica     well?
2.Did she  her hair?
3.Did Jimmy sleep well? No  didn't 
4.Did Jimmy brush his teeth?   he .
5.Did the man  have a good weekend?   he .
6.What  did he do?  He  in his garden all weekend.
7.What did the woman do last weekend?  She  some friends from College and they .
8.What did she do on Saturday?   She  baseball with her kids.
9.What did she do on Sunday? She  home and rested. 
II: Read the next story choose the correct option to complete it.
 On my last holidays I  to Villahermosa Tabasco. It  my first visit there. I went with my friends Tomas and Carla. We  to drive as it is  a plane and  it can be  than just flying. We Mexico city on a Friday evening, we  it was  to drive at night because people say the weather is really hot during the day, and it  a good idea because we stopped in everyplace we . However, I have to say that the journey was hard and tiring. We turns to drive, but it was difficult to be awake. Finally we  to our destination. The first place we visited was the park "La Venta". This is a place that combines history and nature, we learnt from Mexican culture: The Olmecas. We beautiful art pieces and we even took photos of the  big olmeca heads. Although they are not  sculptures in the world, they are amazing. We also has the chance to try   dish of the city: pejelagarto. It was delicious!. We went to the museum Carlos Pellicer, there we  a lot from Mayan and Olmec culture. On our way back home we stopped in Palenque Chiapas, and had the opportunity to see monkeys in their habitat.
 III. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Use CAPITAL letters when needed
1. born/ was/ where/ cousin/your/ ? 
2. did/ arrive/ time/ you/ what/ school/ to/ today/ ? 
3. mother/ did/ get / when/ your/ married/? 
4. elementary school/ you/ good/ were/ at/ ? 
5. breakfast/ did/ have/ you/morning/ this/ ?