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1. Which of the following does Not mean that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
A. I’m seeing someone. 
B. I’m hanging out with someone. 
C. I’m going out with someone. 
D. I’m with someone. 
2. What is the definition of a “ hot date”?
A. A date you don’t really want to go on. 
B. A date in the summer. 
C. A date with some one you find very attractive. 
D. A date in the gym. 
3. If you’re dating two people at the same time, what do we say in English?
A. Two-timing. 
B. Two-dating. 
C. Two-loving. 
D. Two-seeing. 
4. If someone asks you on a date but you already have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you could say…?
A. sorry, I’m spoken with. 
B. sorry, I’m spoken to. 
C. sorry, I’m spoken up. 
D. sorry, I’m spoken for. 
5. Complete the sentence with the correct answer. I waited for 30 minutes for my date to arrive but he didn’t turn up. I can’t believe I have been_____.
A. given up. 
B. stood up. 
C. left up. 
6. if you try internet dating, you have to enter lots of details about yourself and maybe even a photo. This would be called your____in English.
A. web page