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Merry merry Christmas day

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1. Watch the video and sing the song.
2. Fill in the missing words.
Merry Merry Christmas Day - Merry Christmas!

To your , hurray! - Merry Christmas!

May your year be full of joy

from the first to the very last .


Mummy here’s a gift for ,

don’t forget that I love you!

Mum you’re always in my heart:

I’m so when you smile!


Merry Merry Christmas Day…


Daddy I want you to know,

and strong I want to grow.

Dad, be sure you’re number :

Merry Christmas from your son!


Merry Merry Christmas Day…


Grandpa, grandma can you guess?

In my gift there is a .

Dear grandparents you’re the ,

you never take a rest.


Merry Merry Christmas Day…


Brother, sister, what a joy:

in our presents there are !

Trains or or teddy bears,

good for both: boys and girls.


Merry Merry Christmas Day…

From the first to the very last day.

3. Choose the right word.


   Merry Christmas!

from teacher Stefania