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Final Review 8

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Final Review 

I. Choose the option which best completes each sentence.
1- Mary: “ Were you expecting James and Paul to stay for our last dinner party?
          ” Greg: “No, but I ………..… a lot of food, so there wasn't any problem.”
 had prepared               was preparing            have prepared
2. Pam: “Tony has been singing for years, hasn´t he? He’s quite talented!”
    Susan: “Yes, he ……….. his first record when he was sixteen.”
 made                           has made                   had made
3. Janet: “There was a load of sheets to wash after the sleepover.”
    George: “I know. I went back home early to give mom a hand, but when I       got there, she….......... it.”
 have done                 was doing                 had done
4. Ann: “Did you see Paul Simon in Concert last night?”
    Bart: “No, I hoped to get tickets, but by the time I got to the box office,           they …............ everything”
 had sold out               sold out                     were selling out
5. Vicky: “The restaurant was crowded last night. Were you able to get a              table?”
     Don: “Yes. Luckily, I ….. a table in advance.”
  was booking             have booked              had booked
6. Alice: “Did you watch that creepy film premiere yesterday?”
   Joshua: “No, unfortunately it….. by the time we got home. The weather            forecast was on”
  finished                     was finishing            had finished
7. Will: “Did you stay up late last night?”
    Kurt: “No, I ….. all day, so I went to bed early”
 had worked               worked                        was working
8. Andy: “Did you enjoy your holiday?”
      Joan: “Yes, we ….. most of our time on the beach all day yesterday.”
  had spent                  were spending            spent
9. Allan:” Kim seemed to be shaken up this morning. “
     Sam: “I know. She ……….. a huge problem at the immigration desk during        her arrival last night.”
 had                           has had                        has been having
10. Adam: Mary ..… the beds with fresh sheets when she knocked over the            vase and broke it.
  has made                  is making                    was making
11. Luke:” Why didn’t you join us at the party last weekend, Ken?”
      Ken: “ I got into trouble. I ___my curfew the night before and dad caught         me getting home.
  have broken             was breaking                had broken
12. Derek: “My! I cannot believe you, the busy guy, are here today, John!”
      John: “Since I____all of my assignments, I could take the night off today!”
  had made                have done                     was doing  

II. Mark the option which best completes each sentence.

1. Mike often speaks of the __________time he spent in Canada as an exchange student.                                                                           safe                  cozy                  unforgettable                  nut

2. Ron has got _________three hundred photos on his My Place page and Facebook. He’s quite popular.                                         badly               nearly              slowly                                hardly

3. Whenever I have guests who take a shower here, I give them some _________towels.                                                                       fresh               crispy               manual                              pleasant

4. You see. I can hardly hear my favorite TV series because the children keep______around the house.                                         pumping        grabbing         screaming                        regarding

5. Listen, there’s no need to spend money or look for someone to fix the blender. I can_______it myself.                                       proceed          take care of     rush                                   have a fit

6. Jan is very dedicated to everything she does, I’ve got no doubt she’ll______her goals and be successful.                                   achieve           remind            attend                                 proceed

7. We weren’t able to_____the first entrepreneur‘s speech. We ran late because we got stuck in traffic.                                        regard             participate    idle                                       attend

8. That band is quite popular. We stood in an (a) ______line to get the tickets for their first show in town.                                   endless            competitive     rotten                              fair

9. I am willing to spend the rest of my life in a ________place where I can be far from the big city!                                                   warm               busy                  peaceful                           regardless

10. Melanie told me she was quite busy making the _______for her daughter’s wedding.                                                                     rewards          preparations               accommodations      pages

12. Sharing a few hours with my friends in such a cozy lodge was quite____. I wish we could do it again.                                   private            competitive                  lazy                       pleasant

13. I undoubtedly have got no cooking ________. Nearly everything I cook tastes awful!!

  experience      skills                            degree                  appliances


III. Mark the option which could NOT be used to replace the highlighted phrases.

1. Jillian said she had the time of her life on her trip to Europe.

   awful               wonderful                  amazing                        fantastic

2. There’s something going on with Millie. She seems a little out of it.

 distracted     upset                          spaced out                    inattentive

3. “Dude, I really am in need of some rest, so I’m going home now.” “All right. Take care.

 Enjoy yourself        God be with you        See you              Good-bye

4. I’ve been texting Ann about the science assignment since yesterday, but she hasn’t responded yet.

 answered              replied                          given response  understood

5. If I were you, I wouldn’t ever eat at that restaurant. It’s quite lousy.

 expensive              horrible                         awful                   terrible

6. “Tell me. How are you doing, Josh?”                                                                                                                                                                       “Oh, I’m incredibly beat today. I do wish I could get some rest.”

 extremely             tremendously              a little                   really

7. I wish I could go snowshoeing this weekend, but I’ve got to complete one last complex assignment.

 read                       end                                finish                      conclude

8. We had a blast at our last gathering. Meeting old friends was extremely pleasant.

 nice                       lovely                             enjoyable              funny

9. Susan often hurts people by being nasty. She’s one quite mean person.

  rude                     gross                                 conceited               unkind

10. Mona’s mom will have a fit when she finds out she hasn’t been doing well at school.

 faint                    get upset                          get angry                freak out

11. Didn’t it take you forever to figure out the instructions? It took me nearly four hours to do it!

 more than        close to                             just about                 almost

12. Ben was deeply upset for missing the school game because the finals were just around the corner.

 losing out       playing                     not attending        not going to


IV. Let’s have some grammar practice. Mark the option that best completes the sentences.

1. Mona promised she’d read a fairy tale at bedtime ________ is really interesting.

 who              whose              what              which

2. Everyone says I ______ have attended the last lecture on sustainable forms of energy because it was very interesting.

 could           should              might             must

3. The principal suggested that Luke _________ for insulting the staff during his speech.

 apologized  apologize  will apologize  apologizes

4. You know, I wish we________brand new furniture and appliances for our new house.

 have             have had      had                 will have

5. I can’t figure out this new camcorder and ________ can my cousin. He cannot help me.

 also              either           so                    neither

6. People say the woman ________ just opened a grocery store in town came from a foreign country.

 whose        which           what              who

7. I do believe Bryan _________have traveled abroad if he had had the money to do so.

 will             would           should           might

8. I cannot figure out why Mr. Miller recommended that Nelly_______that lousy job.

 does           did                 do                   will do

9. I do wish I _________ to do all this housework by myself. This house is too huge!!

 don’t have  won’t have  haven’t had  didn’t have

10. I have no clue how to operate the snowmobile, and my son doesn’t _________. Let’s call the instructor.

 neither        so                    either           also

11. Too bad Kelly has lost her job. I wish she _______ enough money to join us on our next vacation.

 has              had                 will have        have


V. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs.

1. You’d better  into the hotel pool. It’s too deep. [not /to dive]

2. I wish my boyfriend's tastes   compatible with my lifestyle. I love the outdoors; he doesn’t  [to be]

3. My nephew  since he got started at work because he is willing to travel all around Europe. [to save]

4. It’s essential that Jason  a visa so he can get a job abroad. [to have]

5. It’s necessary that the staff  the importance of their job. [to understand]

VI. Write [C] correct, or [I] incorrect. Rewrite the sentence if it is incorrect.

1. The last presentation whose Jeff made was amazing. You should have attended it.      

 2. I have no doubt you can make better on your tests if you focus. You’re clever, Sean. 

3. You should give up to do gardening, Rose. You’re not good at it at all. 

4. My last stay in New Hampshire was surely interesting. I had the time of my life. 

5. Mom wishes she had gone to the party last night. It was amazed. 

6. Drake should give up to smoke and so should you. You’ll ruin your health. 

7. It is necessary that Susan makes her bed every morning because her mom can not do it. 

VII-Use the information in parentheses to complete the following sentences. Use the verbs in the appropriate form.

                           1. You'd better  late. (not; to arrive)

                           2. I wish I  rich. I'd be able to buy everything I wanted. (to be)

                           3. The class had already started when I  to CCAA. (to get)

                           4. Sue  lunch when I called her. (already; to eat)

                           5. I  at CCAA since 2014. (to study)

                           6. It is important that Sally  all the lessons on time. (to do)

                           7. It is necessary that Bill  a driver's license if he wants to work here. (to have)

VII. Complete the sentences using the words below.                 

fair    –    lodge    –    slow    –    to quit    –    to warm up    –    arrangement    –    rotten    -    loudly    -    to achieve    -    to run late

1. I spent two nights at a   on my last vacation.

2. You should  this lasagna  before eating it.

3. If you study hard, you will  good results on your exam.

4. It seems  to give you friend a second chance.

5. I do not like the smell of  potatoes.

6. Why do you speak so  ?

7. My parents make the   for every party we decide to throw.

8. Turtles are  animals. It takes them lots of time to go from one place to another.

9. It is a nice idea to  smoking. You can have healthy problems in the future because of that.

10. I missed the bus, So I am  today.

IX. Identify the error in each incorrect sentence, and rewrite the sentence correctly.

1. I didn't make well on my last English test.

2. Why do you want to give up to study English?

3. The last film I saw was interested.

Good Luck!