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                                                II Reading / Intercultural domain

Read the text carefully.

About me 

Hello! My name is Bill Watson. I’m ten years old. My birthday is on 12th November.

December is my favourite month because I love Christmas!

I’m from Bristol, England. My address is 15 North Avenue. My phone number is 198 401

I’m in year 5. I’m a happy student. My favourite day of the week is Saturday. Claire Stuart
is my favourite classmate. She’s eleven years old. She’s in year 6. Her address is 86 Park
Street and her phone number is 763 008 6511. We are good friends.


A. Complete the identity card. 

Name:  Age: 



Phone number: 


B. Mark the sentences true or false.

1. His name is Bill Watson. 

2. He is 11 years old. 

3. He is a teacher. 

4. His address is 15 South Avenue. 

5. His favourite day is Sunday. 

6. Claire is 11 years old. 

7. She’s in year 5. 

8. Her phone number is 763 008 6511. 


C. Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.

November         ten        Bill      December        old        Watson


1. The boy’s name is  and his surname is .

2. Bill is  years .

3. His birthday is on 12th  . His favourite month is .


D. Complete the sentences with the question words.

1. “ is your name?” “It’s Claire.”

2. “ is Claire?” “She’s eleven.”

3. “ are you?” “I’m your friend.”