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Final review nine

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Final Review
I.  Mark the item that best completes each of the following sentences:

1) I'd never have a beer or whiskey before I drive. I'd rather have a (an) __________________ instead.

  CASE                                   GOODIES                                   SOFT DRINK                                ICE CHEST

2) Let's see... Refreshments, decorations, balloons, invitation cards, a cake and CD's to make the party come alive.       "_______________________________."

 DON'T MENTION IT                                                                    THAT SHOULD JUST ABOUT DO IT

 HOLD YOUR BREATH                                                                    I'LL CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN I COME TO IT

3) My house has got a garage ___________________ to it where I keep my car at night.

 LOADED                             ATTACHED                                   ON TIGHT                                  UNDERNEATH

4) Jack's new apartment _____________ the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the view is wonderful.

 FACES                                DESIGNATES                              MENTIONS                                   STAYS UP

5) Tim didn't want to go to school, so he __________________ to be sick.

 INTENDED                       DOUBTED                                     BET                                              PRETENDED

6) You must not yell inside hospitals, but talking quietly is ___________________.

 ROTTEN                          ALLOWED                                     INSTANT                                        GENTLE

7) Wanda's kitty has yellow soft ___________________

 TREATMENT                   FUR                                                 EMPATHY                                   LENGTH

8) Susan was John's ___________________ while he was sick last month.

 CAREGIVER                    FOSTER PARENT                          SHELTER                                      CUDDLY

9) The time students need to do their tests _________________ from one to two hours.

 PLACES                            MATURES                                     IS UP TO DATE                            RANGES

10) There are two adults, three children and two puppies in my ___________________.

  RATE                                 ADOPTION                                HOUSEHOLD                                 RESPONSIBILITY

11) Steve didn’t know the plumbing in his apartment was defective until  __________________________________.

 CALLED IT TO HIS ATTENTION                                               CAME TO AN END

 CROSSED THAT BRIDGE                                                            HELD MY BREATH

12) Dr. Johnson has received hundreds of letters from ___________________ patients from all over the state since he has always helped everyone who looks for him.

 IRRESPONSIBLE             GRATEFUL                                LAZY                                                  NOVICE

13) There are some workers _____________________ through that hill to make a tunnel.

 DIGGING                          BURYING                                HONKING                                         YELLING

14) Why don't you stop _________________ about your job and do something to improve it.

 YAWNING                       UNLOADING                             SIMPLIFYING                                COMPLAINING

15) Since none of the students said who had broken the window at school yesterday, we were all ________ to a meeting with the principal.

 SMUGGLED                   RELEASED                                 SUMMONED                                    BOILED

16) Lenny offered me some sweets but I ___________________ because I'm on a strict diet.

 PASSED                          CRAWLED                                SHOUTED                                         PROBED

17) I know the boss doesn’t like it when his employees play around with the computer, but I can’t help doing it. Kevin, please, __________.


18) I guess Samantha ______________________ some time off since she’s been really stressed at work.

  COULD EMBARK         COULD DO WITH                 COULD GRUMBLE                              COULD HIDE

19) When the plane is about to take off, the flight attendant asks the passengers to put their seats in the __________.


20) The waiter brought our orders on a (an) ___________

 TRAY                             HAND BAGGAGE                    WHEELCHAIR                                       PILE

21) When leaving your house to go on vacation, make sure all the doors and windows are _____________ locked.

 APPROXIMATELY        CHILLY                                      SECURELY                                            SURGERY

22) Henry isn't afraid of being caught in the act of cheating on exams. I guess he enjoys_________________.


II. Use one of the words or expressions to complete each sentence properly. Don’t forget to make any necessary transformations. Use ONE word in each box.

 go along withbreak downsave up
 live it downfull of fire smell a rat 
 be on fireboil save the day
 fight fire with firerole modellook up to 
 heroicfire up scapegoat 
 play around withplay with fire look down on
 goatthink highly smell trouble

 1) When I saw my boyfriend and that blond talking and laughing, I could  a . So, I decided to    and asked the most handsome guy at the party to dance with me. It worked out because my boyfriend came quickly and apologized to me for his stupid behavior.

2) Luisa Knew that John would be  if he insisted on  Tom's new computer. If he discovered someone had touched it without his permission, he'd never let him   .

3) Everybody should    Jesus Christ. Although being a king, he's never been the one who   on anyone. His action of having given his life for all mankind has made him a for us.

4) It's true Eric was the for having allowed the other team score the winning goal, but we should point out that Tony's performance in the game was fabulous. He was really   this time.

5) The president of the club decided to make the coach the  even though there were many reasons for the team's bad performance on this championship.

6) Today's Jack's first day at work and he woke up of to get there quickly. But he couldn't imagine that would be one of those days for him. When he picked up the box of milk from the fridge to , he noticed it was and threw it away. He didn't want to waste time having breakfast anymore and went to the bus stop. He took the bus but some miles ahead it . He walked to work and finally got there - late, of course. When he looked at his boss standing by the table, he  ; he had messed up his day. But Jack could never have heard such good news. His boss the by telling him he would just have to start working the next day.

7) "Did your parents   with your choice of college?"                                                                                                                                                        "Well, at first they got upset because I'll have to move to England, but I've been all my tips for that.But later, when they noticed I was so   about studying at Cambridge University, they of me and realized they'd have to let me get ahead in life.

III) Use DO/DOES/DID to avoid the repetition of the verbs:

a) "Who washes your laundry?" "My wife .

b) I promised I'd never phone Larry again, but I .

c) Ronald plays soccer just like the best players .

IV) Mark the item that best completes the sentences.

1) We helped the lost puppy __________________its owner.

 FIND                             TO FIND                             FIND/TO FIND                                      FINDS

2) Dad never lets me__________________with my buddies.

 TRAVEL                       TO TRAVEL                         TRAVEL/TO TRAVEL                             TRAVELS

3) The teacher made me______________all the homework again.

 DO                                TO DO                                DO/TO DO                                               DOING

4) I saw a man____________ to break into Debby's house.

 TRY                               TO TRY                               TRYING/TRY                                           TRIES

5) Did you hear a horn ___________________?

HONK                TO HONK                 HONK/HONKING                     HONKING

6) I was looking at the children ________ (1) the kitty when I felt somebody ____ (2) hold of my arm.

WASH               TO WASH                  WASH/WASHING                     WASHING                                                                              GRAB               TO GRAB                  GRAB/GRABBING                     GRABBING

7) I was watching Dad______ (1) the car when I noticed Bob ________ (2) a snake into the house.

FIX                 TO FIX                      FIX/FIXING                         FIXING                                                                                     SMUGGLE             TO SMUGGLE                  SMUGGLING                          SMUGGLE/SMUGGLING

8) I won't go to the pizzeria with you because I don't want to listen to Mary __________ about her life.

COMPLAIN             TO COMPLAIN              COMPLAINING                   COMPLAIN/COMPLAINING

9) I'm having trouble _______ (1) whether to go to the lecture or stay home. I guess I'll waste my time ________(2) to hear that boring man              speaking nonsense.

DECIDE                TO DECIDE                DECIDE/DECIDING                       DECIDING                                                                            GO                    TO GO                     GO/GOING                          GOING

10) When I got home, I smelled something _________ (1). I got surprised when I found my husband ______ (2) to make a special dinner for us.

BURN              TO BURN                 BURN/BURNING                 BURNING                                                                                TRY               TO TRY                     TRY/TRYING                         TRYING

11) Jack didn't turn in his report to the teacher because he spent the whole weekend _________ around.

FOOL              TO FOOL                         FOOL/FOOLING                    FOOLING

V) The words in bold and capitalized are not correct in each sentence; write the correct form.

1) The factory isn't very modern, but the director doesn't want to MODERNIFY it.  

2) The real fact about the robbery is still DISKNOWN

3) Would you mind if I ARRIVE a little late tomorrow? 

4) Would you CARE some more tea? 

5) Would it be all right if I ASK you a personal question? 

6) Would you mind TURN on the air conditioner? It’s really hot here. 

7) I smell something BURN inside the house. Please, can you check it out? 

8. Teresa really UNLIKES her brother because he’s very annoying. 

9. Amanda will never let me TO GO to her house after what I did to her today. 

10. Today is my mother’s birthday and I bought FOR HER a nice black dress. 

11. I had Frank PAINTED my house last weekend but he didn’t do a good job. 

12. Martin wishes he KNOWS how to speak Italian. 

13. I wish my mother WENT to the show with me last weekend. 

14. If we WOULD HAVE KNOWN that she had planned to arrive today, we could have met her at the airport. 

15. If I had HAVE more time, I would have checked my paper again. 

16. We wish that you WILL CHANGE your mind about leaving tomorrow. 

17. I wish that I COULD MEET your father last night. 

18. Maria wishes that George WAS here now. 

19. Let’s get Robert GO give this present to Mr. Gabriel tomorrow. 

20. Tom told Frank that his desk was DISORGANIZING