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Final review ten

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I. Complete the sentences using the information in parentheses and a relative pronoun when necessary. 
1) The man car  yesterday is a very important speech moderator. (to steal)
2)The watch  my father gave me in the family for generations. (to be) 
3)The girl I kissed at the party  a wealthy actress. (to be)
4) The book I read last week  over one thousand pages. (to have)
5) If you flaunt,  people you want to be superior than others. (to think)
6) I that this job was not the perfect one for me, so I quit yesterday. (to convince)
7) You'd better or the thief may think you want to attack him. (to lurch; not)  
8) My teacher always says it is important that my sister to be an exchange student. (to apply)
9) Listen to me, Roger. The you are, the best your report will be. (meticulous)
10) The climate in this city  since that company started operating here. (to change)
11) Fred wishes he  for the SAT last summer. (to study)  
12) I wish I to go downtown every time I need to buy something. (to have)
13) your sister the cat from the tree? (to rescue)
14) The girl to  I gave the present  to be my wife. (to want) 
15) The dog  color is brown  to me by my mother. (to give) 
 II. Write (C) if the sentence is correct or (I) if the sentence is incorrect and rewrite it.
1) Last December 5 was a historical day for our country because the new president was elected. 
2) These doctors perform heroical work in difficult conditions.    
3) You'd better not to buy that car because it is a real problem.   
4) Laura ought follow the pediatrician's advice and take her daughter to a specialist.  
5) I asked Brian if he could to lend me his car, but until now he hasn't answered me.   
6) I am a teacher, but I would really like to have a career on medicine. 
7) The attendants at this gas station is very aggressive and gruff.  
8) I guess Harry ought to apply for this job position as a model because
he really has an athletical body.  
9) Brian's bald is a real problem when it comes to meeting girls.  
III. Complete the sentences using the words from the list.
 retired         particularly        to manage              to engage           relatively          to stare            to be familiar with
1. The test we took last week was difficult.
2. James is a teacher. The last time he worked was in 2013.
3. If people at me, I want to know the reason they are doing that.
4. How did you to arrive here so fast?
5. You should in regular exercises.
6. This kind of music is popular among young people.
7. Samantha this kind of machine.

 IV. Complete the sentences using one of the words from the list.

vanity         onlooker      kindness      enthusiasm 
1. Few people expressed  about the current leaders.

2. A crowd of  gathered at the scene of the crash.

3. This unexpected  touched her deeply.

4. The invitation to head the committee flattered his and he agreed.

 V. Complete the sentences choosing one of the options.

1. Harry told me he would be ready __________, but I am still here waiting for him.                            occasionally       shortly         yet             downright

2. The police asked the victim to help arrest the thief, but is description of the man was not very ____________.                                                                                                                                nerdy           limited             creepy         accurate

3. Mr. Laurence was worried because his daughter returned home at 1 a.m. in a ____________ state.     outgoing        open-minded     disheveled              legal

4. There is a general but false __________ that intelligent people do better in life.                                  assumption       spirit             reward             desire

5. Keeping the animals healthy and clean at the zoo is __________ of my job.                                        part and parcel    ringing a bell        say the least           keeping the pot boiling

VI. Choose a word to complete each sentence. 
stuck-up    staring       particularly impact
 manage     familiar     retired        nose
 prevent        relatively   engaged        come
1. I  like the blue sea we can find in Greece.
2. Although Sally looked for her daughter tirelessly, she didn't  to find
    her anywhere.
3. It is  easy to find a spot to park downtown on Sundays.
4. I didn't understand why the teacher kept  at me during the whole
5. On Christmas, all my relatives  together to celebrate the birth of
    Jesus Christ.
6. Robert has  in an important project at his company.
7. Deforestation has had strong  on the earth's temperature lately.
8. Drivers should respect the signs and laws to  accidents on the
9. My father doesn't work anymore. He has traveled the world since he
    ten years ago.
10. I am sorry I can't help you because I am not  with this kind of
11. Daniel doesn't have many friends at school because he is a very 
12. The student was cheating under the teacher's  and she didn't realize it.
VII. Number the second column according to the synonym of each word. 
1. shortly                           short
2. gruff                                to cope with
3. pithy                           sometimes
4. wacky                        to worry about
5. ordinary                       unfriendly / formal
6. to kick off                        strange / weird
7. to be concerned about                soon
8. to deal with                   to meet
9. fascinating                       but
10. to come together               interesting / fantastic
11. annoyed                       rude / impolite
12. yet                           to get more serious
13. to grow deeper                    common
14. stiff                           angry
15. occasionally                   to start / to begin