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I. Number the first column according to the definitions. Choose one of the options to complete each sentence below.

Caring 1. insincere, deceitful

convenient 2. very clear

crystalline 3. kind, helpful

genuine 4. appropriate, useful

hypocritical 5. honest, real

1. I believe everything Tom told me last night because he always came across as a very person.

2. It would be of Susan to have a church wedding when she doesn't believe in God.

3. Youll find these meals quick and to prepare. They are perfect for someone who works out.

4. Everybody admires Harry in this neighborhood because he's considered to be a very father.

5. The water is so that its easy to explore the marine life in this area.

II. Choose one of the options to complete each sentence.

1. Since you are a brunette, I dont think you will get the job because the headhunter _______________ blond girls.

is arrested has a ball for is partial to falls in love with

2. I may be away on business next week but _______ I'll be back by Friday.
first of all at any rate for now plain and simple

3. Laura tried _____________ for what she had said to her mother by buying her some flowers, but she didnt accept her apologies.
to make a scene to make amends to miss the point to make a killing

4. ___________. That clean cut lawyer you want to hire is a real swindler.

Have the upper hand Take out of context Skip a beat Take my word for it

5. First they had a first-name basis relationship, later he _________________ in love with his boss.
was head over heels weeded out sat through had a stroke of luck

6. Its fair to say that although being self-conscious, Kelly never hesitated about __________________ when it was necessary.
going with her guts speaking her mind having enough of it swiping

7. Nobody ever knew what happened to the golden statue, but stories about its whereabouts_______________.
pamper abound surround dazzle

8. Everybody knew that the government had ______________ in its handling of the affair.
punished wandered blundered humiliated

9. Everybody was certain that the story was a hoax and the photos were deliberately taken _______________ the president.
to dismiss to discredit to scatter to sink

10. By visiting schools, the actors hope ________________ children to put on their own productions.
to inspire to insult to prescribe to bully

11. I want to buy the strap that has a fluorescent coating because it ____________ in the dark.
filters glows swipes ferries

12. the police has been investigating crimes ___________________ committed during the war.
allegedly traditionally precisely successfully

13. Mary was __________ confident that she would get a promotion, so she started buying new clothes in advance.
supremely relentlessly indirectly unless

14. The teachers spoke openly about the terrible ______________ they had been through.
ordeal pipeline claim composure

15. After years trying to deceive people, Shirley realized she was on the ___________ slope toward a life of crime.
vague slippery overqualified logical

16. Its incredible that George spent his last days at the hotel watching those _____________ programs on TV.
pessimistic transparent inferior moronic

III. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs.

1. At any rate the teacher. He'd report that to the principal. (you; should; to disrespect)

2. Harry your daughter if you had asked for his help. (to hire)

3. You get wet if you into the water. (to jump)

4. The students the exams next Friday morning. (to do)

5. The jocks the geek when the teacher entered the room. (to bully)

6. Never to apply for a job here if he doesn't get a college degree. (your brother; should; to try)

7. If you fire you burn yourself. (to touch)

8. Not only sarcastic, she's being ironic as well. (Dorothy; to be)

9. If the office runner had gone to college, he a raise. (to get)

10. It gets dark if you the lights at night. (to turn off)

IV. Identify the error in each sentence below and correct them if necessary. Write (C) correct or (I) incorrect.

1. Get a Bachelor of Arts enables you to apply for a great number of different jobs.

2. Mr. Gonzales has never worked as a dental hygienist, and neither Tom has.

3. Claire didn't go to the school today because it is a holiday.

4. Why doesn't your boss hire a new employee for the position of administrative assistant? (There are lots of good professionals in this area).

5. Go to the zoo is one of Kelly's favorite pastimes.

6. I really appreciate cooking on weekends, and so my brother does.

7. Kelly always goes to the work by bus, but today she took a taxi because she was late.

8. I like swimming, skiing, and to hike in the mountains.

V. Insert the proper punctuation marks in the following text.

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to let you know that there was a billing error in the amount of $ 100 on my account The amount is inaccurate because the merchandise I ordered was not delivered to my home I ordered the merchandise on June 30 and the merchant promised to deliver the merchandise to me in no more than five 5 days The merchandise I purchased was a 29inch screen TV set with a twoyear warranty which I was going to use in my bedroom and your site on the Internet states IF YOURE NOT SATISFIEDYOUR MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED however it was never delivered In addition when I ordered the merchandise the merchant did not tell me that it would charge before shipping [expressing strong emotion]

I am requesting that the error be corrected that any finance and other charges related to the disputed amount be credited to my account and that I receive an accurate statement

Enclosed are copies of sales advertisement a print screen of your site page the email I received from your company and payment records supporting my position and experience Can I count on you this time Please correct the billing error promptly


Keith Andersen

May today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements! Congratulations!

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