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Test your level of knowledges

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Test your level of knowledges.


A. Choose the correct item.

1. How ..... I help you?    

2. I'm a gardener. What do you ..... ?    
3. A ....... is someone who reports news.    
4. Can you imagine living ...... those days?    
5. Why is your dog ..... ?   
6. My brother can't ...... shopping. He hates it!    
7. We're going on holiday next week. I'm really looking ..... to it!    
8. A/an ....... is someone who designs buildings.    
9. Is diving ...... expensive?    
10. "Fancy joing us?" "Sorry, I ....... "         

B. Fill in the correct word fro the list.

occasions, spare, sense, block, believe, complete, tell, play, missed, five-star, typical.

1. It was a  day at the office.   2. Sorry I'm late. I  the bus.   3. You can't go home until you  the report.
4. "What do you like doing in your  time?" "I love scuba diving."   5. John loves to  tricks on his friends.
6. We stayed at a  hotel next to the beach.   7. I don't  in ghosts. Do you?   8. The runner felt a great  of achievment when he crossed the finishing line.
9. She only wears this dress on social .     10. It's not good to  lies.

C. Fill in: on, for, at, to.

1. I don't want to go out tonight. Let's stay  home.    2. My next door neighbour is very kind  everyone.    3. "Where's Claude?" "He's

holiday in Argentina".    4. Doctors have to work  night.    5. What are you looking  ? My passport.

D. Write what Tony did every Sunday last summer.

1. He   breakfast, then he   the newspaper. After that he   his

dog in the park and   birds. When he got back home, Tony   lunch and then

  . Sometimes he   computer games. Later in the evening he  
 to music.


E. Put the verbs into the present simple or the present continuous. Crossword.


1. Mr. Peters never ...... ( ride ) his bike to work in the winter.

2. "What are you doing?" "I ....... ( write ) a letter to my grandmother.
3. Ann ..... ( not talk ) on the phone at the moment. She's in a meeting.
4. Craig often ..... ( lose ) his keys.
5. The Robsons sometimes ..... ( have ) a barbecue on Sunday afternoons.

F. Choose the correct item.

1. Taylor gets up ..... noon on Sundays.      2. Jerry never ..... coffee.    3. Maya ...... long hair, but now it's short.

4. We don't rollerblade in the park ..... the winter.    5. Are you .... your grandparents this weekend?    6. Linda ...... blonde when she was a
little girl.   7. The Bakers are having a garden party ..... Saturday.   8. Nadia never ... lunch during the week.