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simple past vs. past continuous

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1- At 10 a.m. yesterday I began to have breakfast at school. At 10.15  my classmates joined me. When they , I something.
 2- I Helen at school yesterday afternoon, but she me. Because she to a man at that time.
3- It was cold when I went out. The sun
4- He when he had a fatal car accident.
5- Yesterday morning I my grandparents. When I in their house at four p.m., they in the living room. My grandpa TV and my grandma a book.
6- Selma dinner when somebody on the door. She got up and opened the door.
7- It when I
8- I on the ice while I was ice-skating.
9- I began to study at 6 yesterday evening. Linda  came to my flat at 6.30. I when Linda
10- My girl friend called me at 4 p.m. yesterday. My mum came home at 4.15. Mum home while I to her on the phone.