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present perfect vs. simple past

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1- Where yesterday evening?
2- I don't know Tim's sister. I her before.
3- My grandma before I was born. I him.
4- Who are they? I them before.
5- I'm sorry. I the work yet.
6- Columbus America.
7- Marilyn Monroe in some nice films.
8- Jennifer Lawrence in some nice films.
9- A: I a new jacket. 
     B: Where it?
10- A: I smoking.
      B: Why it?
11- John: on holiday last week?
      Mary: Yes, I to France. 
12- Tom: I at the new library an hour ago.
       Jim: Really? I there yet. What's it like?
       Tom: It's fantastic. I such a fascinating building before.
13-  A: How long ago riding a horse?
       B: Five years ago. But I a car to date.
14-  A: Last week I "Robin Hood" at the cinema.
       B: Amazing! I it twice.
15- She her cat. It yesterday.
16- Helen her arm. She off her bike last week.