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Be ready for your English exam.

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English Test(9th form End of Term 2 Test)(3 parts)Reading Comprehension: THE INTERNET/Grammar+Voc abulary/Writing(+Key )
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Comparative & Superlative
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Be ready for your English exam.

1. Read the text below and look carefully at each line. If the line is correct write "correct". If it has a word that should not be there write this word at the end of the line, as in the examples.

Trevor Baglis is being a true British eccentric. He is best      being

known as an inventor, although he has had many unusual       correct

jobs. He trained as a structural engineer but he has also       

worked such as a circus performer as well as running his      

own business selling swimming pools. As one would be expect  

from an eccentric, Baglis' house is quite unusual. For              

the last thirty years he has been lived on Eel Pie Island, a      

sandbank in the River Thames and has an indoor                    

swimming pool just inside of his front door. The invention      

that it made Baglis famous is the clockwork radio. He            

heard how hard it was for people in the South Africa to          

hear news and health warnings without have electricity.         

His solution to this problem was a very successful, with         

120 000 of his radios were being made every month. He        

doesn't want to stop there however. His most latest               

idea is to set up a company which will help other inventors    

to get on their ideas into production.                                        


2. Read the text and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only ONE WORD in each gap.

Edward Kennedy "Duke"Ellington was a great American jazz musician. He was a composer, bandleader and performer, and many people believe he was a musical genius. He got the nickname "Duke"  of his noble character. Even  he was easy-going, stylish and graceful, he was, at times, quite vain and extravagant. However, he was normally generous and he was a natural born leader. The Duke was born  29th April, 1899,  Washington DC. He learnt to play the piano  he was seven, but it wasn't  he was a teenager that he decided to improve his skills and took  playing more seriously. In 1923, he moved to New York and formed a band  his own. He played at the famous Cotton Club and the band's unique style soon became very popular. Recording companies and music publishers were eager to sign  up and they embarked  a long and successful career. Duke Ellington and his band played  over the world and with such big names as Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.  of the Duke's greatest works include "Concerto for Cootie", "Cotton Tail", "In a sentimental mood" and "Take the A train". When he died on 24th May, 1974,  the age of seventy-five, he had written over 2 000 musical compositions. He is acknowledged as  of the  influential musicians of the 20th century.


3. Read the text and decide which answer A,B, C or D best fits each space.

Desert Hot Springs is a city near Palm Springs in California. It is situated on a part of the famous San Andreas Fault line and is the 1  of the natural hot springs 2  give the city its name and its water. The water is famous for its therapeutic 3  and some people have gone so 4   as to call it "The Miracle Waters". There are over forty health spas in the city which offer a variety of health and beauty therapies. The water originates 5  the ice caps of the surrounding mountains. It travels slowly down the mountain 6  miles of sand and rock and along the way it becomes 7  with minerals. The water that passes over the fault line is heated and is 8  to treat many ailments including arthritis and to 9  aching muscles. It is also believed to be very 10  for the skin. The water that passes through the Mission Creek Sub-basin, south of the fault, is cold and is used as the city's drinking water. This water has 11  many awards for its great taste and is 12  to be the best untreated drinking water in the country. Desert Hot Springs is 13  because it has both naturally hot and cold waters. 14  of this , the city has created an educational facility called Hot Springs Park that offers people the chance to see 15  hand how the city receives its water.

1. A start B foundation C basis D source
2. A which B where C whose D who
3. A properties B profits C pros D benefits
4. A much B far C long D that
5. A from B of C to D for
6. A through B between C along D under
7. A thick B filled C enriched D full
8. A operated B used C applied D helped
9. A reduce B comfort C relax D ease
10. A good B well C perfect D positive
11. A given B earned C gained D won
12. A understood B told C said D stated
13. A unique B only C solo D alone
14. A Due B Because C Since D Despite
15. A own B one C first D lead