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Adjective Preposition

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                             Adjectives & Prepositions

                                Circle the correct preposition

1 I am proud you son.You did very well.

2 Kahramanmaraş is famousits ice cream.Everyone likes it.

3 My sister is afraid spiders.She can’t stand seeing them.

4 I am not interested music.I am fond sport.

5 Dad is really goodchess.

6 My aunt is married a lawyer.

7 I am very excited my exam results.

8 Who is responsible this mess?You should keep your class clean.

9 Last night my daughter was late.We were really worried her.

10 No,I am not scared mice.I just find them disgusting.

11 I wish we were on holiday.I am tiredschool.

12 American football is really different football.

13 Ali is always short money.He keeps borrowing foney from his friends.

14 Our teacher is pleased my exam results.

15 Jane was fed up her job.She resigned yesterday.

16 I am baddrawing pictures,but I like doing to art exhibitions.

17 I am sorry breaking your heart.It won’t happen again.

18 Your performance homework is full mistakes.

19 Don’t disturb me. I am busy my new Project.

20 Turkish people are famous their hospitality.

21 Don’t talk to me.I am still angry you.

22 İrem is jealous  your success.