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1)Complete using a or an:

a) egg

b) animal


d)elegant woman

e)honest politician


g) French teacher

h) English teacher


j) dictionary


2) Complete the sentences using A, AN or THE, if necessary:

a)When you go to Paris, be sure to visit Eiffel Tower.


b)What did you eat for breakfast this morning?


c)Henry plays piano and his father plays the guitar.


d)Mr Silva is catholic but he almost never goes to church.


e)Iīm in hurry because I have to catch  bus to go to work.


f)For me summer is best season of year.


g)What delicious cake! Have piece!


h)Susan was in bed with fever, so she couldnīt go to party.


i)Helen works as secretary for multinational company.


j)What nice gardens! people who live in these houses must have good taste.


k)I enjoyed Mr Watsonīs lecture; he spoke about economic conditions in United Kingdom.


l) life is not easy for people who earn minimum wage.


m)I like coffee but coffee they serve in school cafeteria is terrible!


n)Carnival is in February in  Brazil.


o)I would like to see unicorn.


p)Thatīs car of my dreams!


q) Dr Costa goes to United States once  year.