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Complete the text with the expressions of time and other words according to the pictures. 
Hello! I'm Anja, a student from Slovenia.
I wake up at 0550 . I get up ten minutes later, at 0600 .
I go to the bathroom. I have breakfast at 0610 .
After breakfast I brush my , comb my  and put on my  .
I get ready and go to . I go to school by  .
I start school at  
I have a snack after the second lesson, at  .  
We usually eat a sandwich or some yoghurt and bread. We sometimes have some bread with fish spread or a slice of pizza. 
I finish school at  . I have six lessons on Fridays and I finish at  .
I come home from school at   . My grandma cooks lunch for our family. I  do my homework and study from    to   .
In the afternoon I have music lessons three times a week. I play the violin. My parents take me to music school or I tgo there by bus. My violin lesson starts at   and finishes at  .  We have dinner at a  . After dinner I watch TV. Then I have a . I go to bed at  . I am usually tired and I always sleep well.