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So am I

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So am I / neither do I
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So am I
Exercise 1: Complete the sentences:                                                                    Resultado de imagen para agree or disagree

1. -I´m sleepy, 

2. -I´m bored, 

3. -I don´t hear that kind of music, 

4. -She haven´t play soccer, 

5. -He didn´t focused in the game, 

6. -I have visit another country, 

7. -She doesn´t know how to speak Spanish, 

8. -I like dogs, 

9. -He enjoyed the movie, 

1. -They love the sports, 

11-I was on a plane, 


Exercise 2: Complete the conversation:

Imagen relacionada 

1. -I haven't been to Canada, 

2. -He haven't fixed the bike yet, 

3. -I like Pizza, 

4. -I'm a student, 

5. -Thomas lives in England, 

6. -I won’t have to jump, 

7. -Penelope can dance, 

8. -Walter went to the coffe shop yesterday, 

9. -She hasn’t brought her laptop, 

-Rua is living in Dubai, 

Exercise 3:Select if it is true or false:

Resultado de imagen para thumbs up and down

1. -You don't like pink cars So I do.  F 

2. -Students were not bored at the end of the week, Neither were the teachers. T F 

3. -We won't take long, Neither will they. T F 

4. -Catherine has eaten rice, So am i. T F 

5. -I will be at the party, So will CarlosT F 

6. -Vivian can never get rich, Neither was Paul. T F 

7. -Peter speaks German very well, So have Jhon. T F 

8. -You didn't hit him, Neither did I. T F 

9. -They have to follow the instructions So did we. T F 

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