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The joke

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The joke�������������������
A very good actor was playing in� a comedy where the role of an aristocrat.
The aristocrat� in the Bastille prison where to spend a lot of time.� In the second act a guard and gave the aristocratic prisoner a letter. The prisoner the letter andit aloud. The play hundreds of times and the aristocrat the letter by heart but he always that the letter should be written down completely.
One night the guard a joke on the famous actor , just to find out if he knew the letter by heart, after so many performances.
When the guard the prisoner's dark cell, the prisoner on a small bed . He the prisoner the letter, but this time there was nothing on the sheet: it was completely blank. The guard the aristocrat: he�was so happy about his joke�that he couldn't�hide his smile. He wanted to see if the prisoner the letter by heart. The prisoner looked at the letter for some seconds , then :
"There is too little light. I can't see very well. Can you please read the letter for me?"
And he gave the letter to the guard.
The guard , who obviously the letter, said:
" You are right. The light is really very dim. I must�my glasses."
the cell� and went to fetch the usual copy of the letter. Then he came back with the letter and the pair of glasses and started reading the letter to the prisoner. The prisoner was of course very much amused.
1 Where was the play set?
2Where was the prisoner when the guard brought him the letter?
3�What solution��did the guard find?
4How did the good actor feel in the end?
5Where is the Bastille?
Respond as shown
He�was so happy about his joke�that he couldn't�hide his smile
Respond as shown choosing from the adjectives provided.
�Sad� ,� Grateful�,� Happy,�� Hungry,�� Tired.
that he went to bed� immediately.
�that he ate three sandwiches.
that he never stopped saying thank you.
�that he� kept� smiling all the time.
�that he�stayed �in his room all day long.
Revising irregular verbs
1 Givegiven.
2 Taketaken.
3 Readread.
4 Knowknown.
5 Sitsat.
6 Hidehidden.
7 Saysaid.
8 Seeseen.
9 Leaveleft.
10 Comecome.