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First Test 10

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I. Choose the correct option to complete each sentence below.
1. This video shows what happened in Atlanta that is causing all the worry and
2. The little boy showed a remarkable for music and his family encouraged his talent.
3. Brian added more and more, until he was at least twenty stones without hesitation, perfectly.
4. Kelly doesn’t remember her childhood. Laura, , has a vivid of the time she lived in San Diego.
5. The last time I saw Roberta, she was completely as if she had fought with some criminals.
6. I will take my girlfriend to that new Italian restaurant because she is fond of pasta.
7. I will buy a ticket to the London Eye so you can marvel at the  views of lakes and the River Thames.
8. It was extremely difficult to face the crowd after the game last Friday.
9. She wears (a) an diamond ring and a pearl the size of a marble every time she goes out.
10. The intense violence at the weekend as hundreds of criminals faced the police with petrol bombs, rocks, and bottles.
II. Choose the option that best answers the following questions. 
1. Which word would NOT be used to describe a person?

Which of the following would you NOT find in a busking show?

3. What is one way to say you look back or think about the past? 
4. What is the expression that means you do something without the help of others? 
5. Which of the words can be used to describe a person? 
6. Which expression expresses the idea that something is very likely to be true? 
III. If the sentence is correct, write (C), if the sentence is incorrect, write (I). Identify the error and rewrite the sentence in the correct way. 
 1. It’s amazing how Amanda is able to write by English considerably well.  
2. The victim of the accident had died before the ambulance arrived.
3. Marianne is really excited because her mother made any delicious cookies for her and her friends.
4. Is it true that Mr. Stewart has been traveled all around Europe for three months?
5. Look at Robin’s limousine. She is the most enchanting car I have ever seen.
6. Bob ought study for the test because if he gets a bad grade this time, he will have to face an enraged father.

 7. Teresa was kidnapped by a thief last week, but fortunately, the police found her at a beach nearby. 
8. The more easier the test, the faster the students finish it.
9. Sandra couldn’t have eaten so much chocolate at the party last night. Now she is not feeling well.  
10. The number of narrow-minded students in my class are smaller than the number of geeks.
IV. Determine the topics expressed in the general idea of the text and write them in the correct spaces. Read the details and match them to the correct topic. 
                                                                            General Idea  
                              People must all be aware of the relevance of preserving flora and fauna. 

Topic 1:                                         

Topic 2:
a) Detail Topic Nº  
One of the most important reasons why plants need to be preserved is the fact that the oxygen we breathe comes from them.
b) Detail Topic Nº

Some plants are indispensable for the survival of many animal species.
c) Detail Topic Nº

Hunting must be controlled so that certain animal species are not condemned to extinction.
d) Detail Topic Nº
 Some species of wild grass are vitally important in the prevention of erosion.
e) Detail Topic Nº

Razing forests causes animals to flee their habitats, which can contribute to the extinction of various species.
f) Detail Topic Nº

The indiscriminate use of toxic fertilizers can eradicate some insects which are the prime source of food for several bird species.
V. Complete the spaces with a synonym. Use the following words. 
1. Taste, impression                                 bold
2. benevolence                                               squeaky
3. exaggeration                                         thrill
4. indifference                                            sense
5. sudden excitement                               tend
6. to experience, go through                    overstatement
7. pitched sound, strident                         mainly
8. principally, most important                  aloofness
9. brave, courageous                                undergo
10. to be disposed to, likely                     kindness
All my best wishes!  Good test!