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First Test 5

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I. Mark the correct option to complete the sentences. 
1. When Joey came back from the hospital, he wasn’t able to walk because his ankle was still 
 2. I’m going to call my mom because I forgot to   the dogs today.
 3. I dropped my phone behind the sofa. Can you help me  it, please?
4. Pam: “Judy, go wash the dishes.”
    Kathy: “No way. It’s Melissa’s  today. I did it yesterday.
5. Bryan called to say he’s got a terrible pain. I’ll have to go to the party  anyway.  
6. Jane needs to lose  because she got really heavy after she had a baby.  
II. Choose the best option which explains the underlined words.
1. Lucy says: “Donna’s little boy is quite smart.”   
2. Pam says: “Our adventure as exchange students was amazing.”   
3. Amanda says: “The kids must be starving, honey.”   
4. Luke says: “Everybody was tense because the algebra test was very big.”   
5. My brother Ron doesn’t like to baby-sit our little sister when mom is away.
6. Jeff got crazy when Kelly said she was in love with the new exchange student.  
7. Dan:” Did you get bummed out after you found out your boyfriend told you a lie again?”
Mary: “Of course.”   
1. _______your father ground you and cut off your allowance after you flunked math a second time?
2. My beret is quite old. I’m going to by  another one at the summer sale tomorrow.
3. My cousin   to work for a few days after he broke his ankle last week.
4. Sue said her shoulder bag was by the teacher’s desk. Which one is ?
5.  you slicing the cake when Greg showed up?
6. My sister caught a cold and she  to join us after the tournament tonight.
7. It’s a shame! Mary,  you straighten up the porch before the guests arrived?
III. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the information given.
1. Judy’s best friend  an amazing song at her departure. [to sing]
2. Listen, if you  the garage you’ll be in trouble because you’ll be grounded. [to straighten up]
3. Doug and Barry  to clean outside because they had guests. [to be able, not]
4. Marion  for school when she met her ex-boyfriend on the bus. [to head]
5. You have so many zits, Pam.   you always  concealer when you go to a party? [to put on]
6. Jessie is quite upset because her little boy  her new laptop yesterday.  [ to break]
7. Marsha  her neighbor when her new boyfriend showed up. [ to help out]
8. I’m sure if you  to phone Sue on her birthday, she won’t forgive you. [to forget]
9. Melanie  a nice house for her mom with the money she got on the lottery. [to build]
IV. Check the sentences and find out an ERROR or no ERROR. Mark with an X.
1. Kate’s parents has got  an amazing place on the  beach. We always spend  our vacation there. No error. 
2. What a shame Jeremy couldn’t to  participate in the  tournament because of his broken  ankle. No error. 
3. Mike annoys  everybody with his silly jokes. He’s worst  person to get  along with. No error. 
4. Wouldn’t you like film  your  birthday party? I’ve got  an amazing camcorder. No error. 
5. If I will  have an allowance, I’ll  save the money to buy myself  a new motorcycle. No error. 
6. Have you get   Cindy’s email address? I want to send  her a birthday message. No error.