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Canīt Be Broken

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Listening & Pronunciation Exercise
Practice your listening & pronunciation skills. Listen to the above song "Can't be Broken" and choose or type out the reduced or contracted word.
Don't be fooled by the sounds you hear--type the real word!! Function words often reduce like the following: 
and--> reduced can sound like: 'nnnn, an
you--> reduced can sound like: chuh, yuh, juh
to--> reduced can sound like: t, tuh
them--> reduced can sound like: 'em or 'um 
of--> reduced can sound like: uh, da, sa
or--> reduced can sound like: er
for--> reduced can sound like: frrrr
And how words link:
Words ending in a front vowel that come before a word beginning with another vowel often link with a y sound.
Words ending in a back vowel that come before a word beginning with another vowel often link with a w sound.
See the color vowel chart to remember which sounds are front and back (front on the left, back on the right).  
We all --> sounds like "weyall" 
so it's --> sounds like "sowits" 
Notice how these non-content words are shortened because their meaning isn't important, but the words are important to the "beat"  or rhythm of the sentence. 
HINT: Remember that you can use the TAB key to move between blanks (you don't need to use the mouse).
Can't Be Broken
by Twin Forks
Someone carved you out ivory
Or some porcelain brass
Then they looked upon face
they knew they'd done their task

So they tore their tools  pieces
Laid underneath the grass
There won't be another like
I don't even have  ask

I stumbled  you sitting on a bench beside the bank
the river where the dam was
Before the old town went sank

Said I'd be grateful just to sit, could spare a little plank
You said "I found it when I got here so ain’t got me thank

That's love
Can't be broken
That's sting of a
Heart cut
That's thing about
Blind devotion
That's  love
can't be broken
 love  can’t be broken

I can sing the lead you can sing the harmony
We can play  on the porch
And let it blow in the breeze

We can listen it lingers through the leaves left on the trees
We can stay out till sun comes rising up from in the east

Cause we lived in the city now live along the shore
We looked twice we left but we don't look back no more
We fell sick one another, may we never find the cure
You can handle my best easy, I can try to handle

That's love that
Can't broken
That's sting of a
Heart cut
That's thing about
Blind devotion
That's love
That can't broken

It's the way stay
right by my side
It's the
Way you lay
Your lips mine
You're the rarest thing that
I’ll ever find

That's  love that
Can't be broken
That's the of a
Heart cut open
That's the thing about
Blind devotion
That's love
can't be broken
 a love can’t be broken