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1 Choose the correct answer.  

     Luke:    1.  meet me at the gym at 6.00?

     Mia:      I 2. come today. I 3.   practise for my concert and I 4. spend hours doing it.

     Luke:    But you didn’t go to the gym last week.

     Mia:      I 5. . I was working on my science project all week.

     Luke:    You 6. exercise more, Mia. You 7. go every day, but it’s bad to miss a whole week.

     Mia:      You aren’t my mum, Luke. The next thing you’ll say is, “You 8.  eat too much chocolate, Mia.”


2  Complete the sentences with the modals below. Use each modal once. 

could ¿ shouldn’t ¿ must ¿ couldn’t ¿ needs to ¿ mustn’t ¿ can’t ¿ don’t have to

    1.   My sister has just broken her finger. She  go to the doctor now.

    2.   To have a healthy lifestyle, you  eat a lot of junk food.

    3.   Tom  study for this test because he failed the last one.

    4.   go to the gym yesterday because I was ill.

    5.   It’s hot. You  take a sweater.

    6.   What amazing things  you do when you were younger?

    7.   Athletes  smoke. It’s bad for their health.

    8.   Pete  play football this week because he broke his foot.

3 Correct the mistakes.  

    1.   You can see me?


    2.   You don’t have to use your phone here – it’s not allowed!

          - it's not allowed!

    3.   The pool was closed yesterday, so I can’t go swimming.

          The pool was closed yesterday, so

    4.   We must to go now!


    5.   Lucy not can read very quickly.


    6.   Alice have to do her homework right now.

           right now.

4  Choose the correct answer.  

When our parents were teenagers, they walked a lot and rode bicycles. They also dance quite well. So what is different with teenagers today? They   do all these things, but they choose to spend a lot of time indoors. Teenagers   spend too many hours in front of a TV or computer. It’s unhealthy. But not all teenagers enjoy exercising or doing sport. What   do instead? Dance hip-hop! It’s good for your heart and muscles and it’s fun. You   buy any special equipment for hip-hop. But you  wear good shoes and you  put on excellent music! Also, you   forget to drink a lot when you dance hip-hop. Try it!