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Unit 1 : My Autobiography

Worksheet 4

Name ________________________________________ Class 5/_____ No. _______

Date _________________________________________


The Sandwich


A : Read.

The sandwich has a long history. In 1750,John Montagu invented the sandwich. He used bread and meat for the first sandwich. He liked to eat a sandwich and play cards. The sandwich is now one of America’s favorite foods.

In the United States there is a sandwich shop in every town, and you can buy sandwiches at every grocery store. You can make a sandwich at home,too.

B : Read the question. Write the answer.

1. When did John Montagu invent the sandwich?

2. Where can you buy sandwiches in the United States?

3. Is the sandwich one of America’s favorite foods?


4 .What did John Montagu use for the first sandwich?

C : Write and draw.

My favorite sandwich has cheese and meat in it. 

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?