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Jobs and Definitions

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Jobs and definitions
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Jobs and definitions
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Posted Values

 Part A:        Match the following words to their corresponding definitions.


Write the letter in front of the number.

1. Football player           a. A person who fixes broken sinks and toilets.

2. Chef                         b. A person who plays a musical instrument.

3. Musician                    c. A person who finds out why things happen.

4. Plumber                     d. A person who helps to cure sick animals.

5. Accountant                e. A person who plans and designs something.

6. Computer expert      f. A person who cooks food.

7. Scientist                    g. A person who acts on the stage or in the movies.

8. D.J. (disk jockey)    h. A person who plays the game of football.

 9. Actor/ actress          i. A person who programs or fixes computers. 

10. Veterinarian            j. A TV. , radio or newspaper person who reports or tells about news stories.
11. Reporter                  k. A radio reporter who talks about the Top Ten in music.
12. Designer                  l. A person who keeps the money accounts.

Part B : Identify the following people, guess their occupations. And write down where they work and what they do.

  - A chef cooks food.                                                     - A doctor helps to cure sick people. 
  - A teacher works with or teaches the students.         - A nurse works in a hospital or clinic and helps the doctors.
  - A waiter serves customers in a restaurant.               - A plumber fixes broken sinks and toilets.
  - A dentist takes care of your teeth.                           - A secretary works in an office for a boss and does typing and filing.
  - A student goes to a school or university to study.     - A salesman sells something.

 nurse  A nurse works in a hospital or clinic and helps the doctors.
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