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I. Choose a word or expression to complete each of the sentences below.

1. Amanda bought a new computer last month, but she still hasn't been able  how the machine works.
2. Since Paul is not home, we'd better leave   a message telling him we'll just   the city and we'll get some  at the tourist information center. 
3. jack is really  about being able to buy his first new car. 
4. Susan was really  by the   boats at the boat show last Friday. However, she couldn't buy anything. 
5. Teresa should be   to a mental hospital because the most handsome and richest guy in town    to her and she refused it. 
6. I can't figure out why Monica  me. She always said I was the man of her dreams and that she couldn't do without me. It's the third time she does it. She should   about our relationship because I'm getting tired of this situation. 
7. There are so many galleries in this town that it's difficult   
about the one I'll   first. 
8. Harry's throat is so  he can    speak. 
9. People really  our planet  when they throw their garbage into rivers and cut down trees.
10. Kate is really  after what happened to her last week. She thought she and her boyfriend, Bobby, were  but she came across him and another girl kissing each other in front of school.
11. After her , Melissa has already started the preparations for her trip to Asia, where she intends to spend her . It shows how  she is, since they're only going to travel in a year's time.
II. Choose a word or expression from each list to complete the sentences that follow. Make any necessary changes.   
 to plan 
 to thrill 
 to unwind
 to pull
 to throw
 to commit

1. Kelly is thinking about   a party at the new club in town to celebrate her birthday.

2. The view from the peak of the mountain has always   millions of tourists that come here each year.

3. If my wisdom teeth were causing me pain, I   them  .

4. Reading is a good way  , better than watching television.

5. Everything must be   and organized in advance so we won’t have any problems during the party.


 practical  nonetheless  wide  advantage  a matter of life and death folk

1. Having a driving license can be a big   for those who want to apply for the job.

2. Since it was a holiday, the city was   empty and no traffic jams were reported.

3. After Robert became the director of the publishing house, he has had lots of health problems. He really needs to take some time off. It is  .

4. The news about Caroline’s divorce was   commented among the students of this college.

5. Pamela didn’t want to talk to Frank after what he did.  , she was still in love with him.

 to take advantage of  to be on the tip of one’s tongue  to take a guess to go with to take something for granted

1. Many people   fresh water  but little do they know that there are millions of other people looking for it in the world.

2. The answer to the teacher’s question   but I couldn’t remember it anyway.

3. Lorena is such an innocent girl that all her classmates are always   her. I wonder when she will grow up.

4. Every time Daniel comes to this Japanese restaurant he  sushi.

5. Let me   and tell you where you’re coming from. The beach?!


 humdinger  latest  lovely  grand  bored

1. To me Hong Kong is a   place to visit on our vacation.

2. The prince and the princess were really happy to live in a   baroque palace.

3. That was a   of a show we went to last weekend. We had a really great time. That is a place where you can’t definitely be  .

4. Her  book is a real success. Thousands of copies have already been sold in just one month.


 to bleed to burn  to dump to film to go off
1. The burglars weren’t lucky because when they were robbing the bank the alarm  and they had to go away immediately.

2. We had to rush Jack to the hospital because his right foot    heavily. He had cut himself on a piece of glass.

3. How pathetic! Margaret  her fiancé yesterday just because he didn’t show up for a date.

4. The TV crew stopped   at night because there wasn’t enough light.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  5. Teresa went to the eye doctor last week because she said her eyes were  .

wild guess
 let’s face it
 to see someone
 pros and cons
 as many as pull someone’s leg

1. Frank claimed to have   medals   Robert, but everyone knows he was just  my  .

2. I know it’s a  , but I think Peter is at home sleeping while we’re waiting for him.

3. In your opinion, what are the   of having a house on the beach, Phil?

4. Is it true you are   a woman twice your age, Joe? "Yeah, but I love her. That’s what really matters."


III. Complete the sentences below using the constructions could have or should have + the verbs given in parentheses.

1. The party was great, Alfred. You  . Why didn’t you? (to go)                                                                                                                           "Because I was studying for my test."

2. I wonder why Tom didn’t apply for the job. He   that position since he’s a very qualified person. (to get)

3. It’s really cold at this stadium. I knew I   my coat. ( to bring )

4. I feel sick. I   so much chocolate this morning. ( to eat )

5. Harry was lucky when he fell off the ladder. He   himself seriously. (to hurt)

6. She   to our conversation. It was private and that is not an acceptable behavior. (to listen)

7. We didn’t go out last night. We    to the movies, but we decided to stay home and rest. (to go)

8. You see, the restaurant is overbooked. We   a table. Now we just have to go to mom’s house and have dinner with her. ( to reserve )

 IV. Rewrite the following sentences, changing the position of the objects.

1. I’ll never send Peter a letter. He doesn’t know how to read.

I’ll never  . He doesn’t know how to read.

2. Sam bought his mother a new dress on her birthday.

Sam   on her birthday.

3. My father will give a new car to me. My father will   .

Remember. We say:

To have something done                                                                                                                                                                                                                              to have someone do something,                                                                                                                                                                                                                to get someone to do something


Wish + past : refers to a situation in the present you would like to be different.                                                                                                                              Wish + past perfect: refers to a situation in the past you would like to have been different

If + present will                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              If + past would                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                If + past perfect would have

What’s the meaning of? (Use the words and expressions to complete the sentences)



1. I asked a person to paint my house. = I   my house  .

2. Susan convinced George to buy her a dress. = Susan   George  her a dress.

3. Bob arranged with Joe to plan her party. = Bob   Joe   her party.

4. I am not a good dancer. = I wish I   a good dancer.

5. Daniel doesn’t have a new car. = Daniel   he   a car.

6. Kelly didn’t go the party yesterday, so she didn’t talk to her cousin Harriet. = Kelly   she  to the party so she could have talked to her cousin Harriet. 

7.   Laura   (to go) to the beach tomorrow she   probably   (to get) sunburned.

8.   Marianne   (to have) the money, she   (to give) her daughter a present. But it is almost impossible.

9.   Harry   (to see) his fiancee with that tall guy at the party last night, he  with her. (to break up)

10. Roger has got to go to the dentist because of this terrible tooth .

11. I need some money for the   for the wedding.

12. A good way to  is going to the woods and staying there for some days.

13. Carlos attacked Sophia   because he was really angry with her.

14. Rio de Janeiro is a city with  great   to tourists.

15. If you take this medicine the symptoms of the cold will  .

16. Xuxa certainly lives in a   mansion in Vargem Grande.

17. Although not so many people know it, Esperanto is   spoken all over the world.

18. Caroline has   a lot of serious bad moments in her life.

19. Mrs. Smith has   about which   she is going to kill for dinner tonight.

20. It was so dark in the street that the police could   see the criminals.

21. Barbara’s legs are   due to the excessive exercises at the health club.

22. The effects of the alcohol   after Tom took a cold shower and drank some bitter coffee.

23. What do you think you will do if you   a crocodile while swimming in the river?

                                                                         Good Test!!!