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Worksheet about food

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1. Write the name of each picture. 
 2. Choose the corrrect name
Resultado de imagen para peel cartoon
 Resultado de imagen para grate cartoon Resultado de imagen para slice bread cartoon Resultado de imagen para break an egg cartoon Resultado de imagen para chop cartoon Resultado de imagen para stir cartoon Resultado de imagen para simmer cartoon Resultado de imagen para fry cartoon Resultado de imagen para pour cartoon
1. Choose the correct past tense pronunciation of the following regular verbs.
 Looked  Cleaned needed washed worked wanted started learnedcalled cooked
2. Write the past form of the following irregular verbs.
1. Watch the video 
2. Answer the following questions
-  What job is she applying for? 
 a kitchen job
 resourse manager
- What's a resume?
 a story
 a curriculum
 a paper
-  Does she have any experience working in the kitchen?
 yes, she does
 no, she doesn't
-  Where does she cook?
 in a five-stars restaurant
 She doesn't cook
 At home
- What are her strengths?
 she likes to learn new things, is very organized, and follow directions
 she is a good teamworker, and has good relationships
 She loves cooking because is one of her dreams
- Why is she taking English Class?
 to learn vocabulary about training
 to improve her writing process
 to practice for the interview
- Is needed a special train for the job?
 yes, it's needed
 no, it isn't needed