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Listening and Web Quest: Mad World

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Listening and Web Quest:

Mad World

Watch the video and do the following exercises.

The words on the left come from the song. Match them with their meaning, then write in where they fit.

familiar A drop of liquid from the eye

worn out B used or tired

expression C cover, hide

drown D easy to recognize

tears E the look on one�s face

All around me are faces

places, worn out faces

right and early for their daily races

Going nowhere, going nowhere

Their are filling up their glasses

No , no expression

Hide my head I want to my sorrow

No tomorrow, no tomorrow

Choose the words that you can hear in the Chorus

And I find it kinda

I it kinda sad

The dreams in I'm dying

Are the best I've had

I find it hard tell you

I find it hard to

When people run in

It's a very, very world mad world

Write in the missing words as you listen. The images will help.

waiting for the day they feel good Tears for Fears

Happy Birthday, Birthday

Made to feel the way that every should

and listen, sit and l

Went to and I was very

No one knew me, no one knew me

Hello tell me what's my lesson

Look right through me, right through me.

Gary Jules
Do some web quest by clicking on the following link, then choose the correct answers to the questions about the song "Mad World".

1. Who is the writer of �Mad World�?

Curt Smith Gary Jules Michael Andrews Roland Orzibal

2. When was the song first released?

Forty years ago twenty-six years ago seven years ago two years ago

3. What was the title of the movie in which �Mad World� first appeared?

Tears for Fears The Hurting Donnie Darko Gears of War

4. Where did the writer of �Mad World� live when he wrote the song?

In the UK In the US In a bourgeois world In a mad world

5. What musical instruments are used in the cover version?

synthesizers a cello a piano and a cello a piano

6. When did the cover version become a top single in the UK?

In 2001 In 2002 In 2003 In 2006

7. In which TV drama hasn�t �Mad World� been used so far?

Heroes Judging Amy ER CSI