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Verb "Have got"

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1. Watch the video.
2. Complete the sentences.
 - She  big blue eyes.  - We  wavy long hair.
 - I  straight blond hair.  - I  big green eyes.
 - They  curly black hair.  - She  long brown hair.
 - He  small brown eyes.  - They  small green eyes.
 - They  short red hair.  - You  short curly black hair.
3.  Wich sentence is right?
 I've got curly red hair   I've got red curly hair  
 She hasen't got small blue eyes   She hasn't got small blue eyes  
 They has got straight long hair   They have got straight long hair  
 You haven't hot a beard   You havn't got a beard  
 He's got a fringe   He's has got a fringe  
4. Complete and answer.
  you got glasses?   he got a big nose? 
  she got long blond hair?   they got a fringe? 
  they got big brown eyes?   it got curly black hair? 
  he got a ponytail?   you got a moustache? 
  you got a beard?   she got freckles? 
5. Find eight adjectives.