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Some elements on the presentation inside

Choose the right answer(s).
1. What is the most important element of a slide?
 2. Why is it important that generally presentations don't contain a lot of text?
Because too much text generates small characters and and it will be unreadable.
Because the main source of the information is the lecturer.
Because the resolution of the projector is too small.
3. What are the options to use videos in the PPT presentations?
Insert the video file into PPT.
 Compress the video and PPT files with each other.
 Link the video file into the PPT.
 4. Why is it good thing to put page number to the slides?
 Because this could help to identify the slide.
 Because the Arabic numbers are popular.
Because a number is more visible than a picture.
5. The notes inside the PPT slide ...
 an assistant solution.
can be readable in the computer display but on the projected screen is not. 
 is a hyperlink into PowerPoint presentations.