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Read the short letter. (Olvassa fel a rövid levelet):

Dear Sammy,
How are you? I am writing this letter to tell you how an enjoyable holiday I am having.
I am sitting on the beach, eating an ice cream and drinking my coke now. John and Tina are swimming in the sea and Brandy is in the park, playing with a friend, Carol is listening to the radio and reading her favourite book.
We are having a fantastic holiday. We are in a small village in North Wales with a castle and a very big park. Everybody here is very friendly. We are doing everything we want to do; swimming, playing games, sleeping, eating, fishing.


Test your understanding and choose the right answer. (Tesztelje szövegértését és válassza ki a megfelelő választ!)

1.Where are these people?

2.Why are they there?

3.What is Maria doing?

4.What is Carol reading?

5.What do they think about their holiday?

6.What are they doing during the holiday?