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Crocodile Dundee and Australian clichés

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  CROCODILE DUNDEE  and Australian clichès(1985)
Scene 1
  1. What stereotypes can you see ?

     it's always hot in Australia  Australians are good surfers  Rugby is the national sport
  1. How do you know ?

     they have t-shirts  they have umbrellas  they have sweaters
  1. What is Crocodile Dundee wearing ?  

  1. Where are they ?

     Sydney  in the Bush / in the Outback  Canberra  on the beach
  1. What animal can you see in the middle of the road ?

     a crocodile  a buffalo  a kangaroo
  1. What does Mick Dundee do ?  Full sentence.                    To which animals does he do this again ?

                                                                                  monkeys     cats           dogs
 Scene 2         
  1. What stereotype can you see ?

     Aborigines love night time  Aborigines always have body paintings  Aborigines are good surfers
  1. What is funny / strange about the Aborigine ?  What is not common in his appearance (apart from the body paintings) ?

  1. Can the lady come to the ceremony ?

     Yes, she can and she dances with them  No, she can't and she can't take photos

 Now that you've watched the trailer answer these questions :

* What is Mick Dundee doing at the beginning ?
* Where are the two hunters after the crocodile attack ?
* What's funny with his Aborigine friend ?
* Where is Mick going ? Which country ? Which city ?
* Which animal does he save on the highway ?
* What's the name of the fast food restaurant he goes to ?
* What sort of animal does he destroy in Paramount Pictures Park ?
* What happens when he slaps his face ?