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When Thomas (to arrive) home, he (to find) a message pinned on the kitchen board.

� Sorry darling, we�ve had an unexpected call from granny and we�ll spend the night with her. We know you are a good boy and you�ll do your homework and go to bed early. We hope you won�t feel too lonely. Your supper is in the oven. If you want to see the film we were saving for Saturday, you can , of course. The cell phone doesn�t work here, so if you need something , go to Mrs Berrin. You know she is very helpful. Kisses, mum.�

Thomas (to be) only 12, but his parents(to trust) him and when they (to need) to look after old granny they sometimes (to make) himspend the night alone. Thomaswas first annoyed at having to eat all alone. Then he(to feel) sad: his parents (not to love) him really, if they (to leave) him all alone. After all granny was grown up and she didn�t need mummy as much as he did. No, it was not fair.

Then a thought (to hit) him. Yes, he would try to open the trunk that mum _(to keep)in the attic, locked up and covered with a thick cloth. He had often asked her what was in it, but she had never given hima real answer. Maybe she would find something special there. Who knows?

So instead of doing his homework, Thomas(to take) some tools from the tool box and (to go) into the attic. It was getting dark and the light there was extremely low. He (to think) it wouldn�t take him�� too long to open the trunk and besides there was still some daylight.

But the lockresisted him. He (to insist). The lock would not open. He took the hammer and hit the lock over and over again.

When the bell (to ring), Mrs Berrin (to open) the door and _(to find) young Thomas in tears.

She let him in and asked him what the matter was. Thomas _(to ask) her to follow him, and he was so serious that she justdid what shewas asked. Thomas took her into the attic. The light was so dim that she could see very little. Then she(to see) a trunk in the middle of the room. It was open.

�Iam sure my mum has killed somebody and hidden him � said Thomas, trembling. �Look in there, Mrs Berrin,� he added keeping at a distance.

Mrs Berrin approached the trunk and looked inside. On top of some boxes (to lie) a skull; next to it, there were some human bones.

She turned and looked at Thomas who was staring at her, holding his breath.

�Thomas, did mummy ever tell you that she used to be a medical student, before deciding to have you?� she asked, smiling.


1 When Thomas� arrived home from school he founa a letter.

2 Thomas was twelve.

3 His parents spend the night in a hotel.

4� Thomas felt happy at first.

5 He decided to watch television.

6 It was easy to open the trunk.

7 Inside the trunk he found a scaring thing.

8 He went to Mrs Berrin to ask for help.

9�Mrs Berrin followed him.

10 Thomas's mother was� an ex medical student.