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Article Usage for Business

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Articles:A, An, The


You can put both ‘a/an’ and ‘the’ in front of a count noun.

You use ‘an (not a)’ when the next word (adverb, adjective, noun) starts with a vowel sound. (hour, honor, honest, heir).

1.  On Friday, we will visit _____ offices of Sanburn & Hollow for ____ new product training.
a                        a
an                      an
the                     the
2. Human resources is in _____ process of recruiting ____ honest and reliable person for the project management position.
a                        a
an                      an
the                     the
3. The CEO is taking ____ pessimistic approach to ___ idea of responding to the board of director's request.
a                          a
an                      an
the                     the
4. ____ company headquarters are moving to New York for ___ larger market.
a                        a
an                      an
the                     the
5. Marketing to ____ target audience can be difficult.