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Verb Tenses, Collective Nouns and Prepositions for Business English

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Present Perfect, Collective Nouns, Prepositions (In, At, On), Past Participle, Simple Past & Present Perfect Combination Review [Business English]
Choose the correct word for the conversation.
Matthew: Allison, did you receive your itinerary for conference Prague June 2018? We for you, Bettina and Sanchez to present our new innovative marketing strategy platform that we developed February.
Allison: Yes, Matthew, I receive itinerary yesterday. Thanks for asking. working on the presentation? I would like for it to be very interactive. I very boring presentations and do not want this one to fall into that category.
Matthew: Of course, it will be very interactive. I will check with Bettina   tomorrow to verify the number of people that may be in attendance.
Matthew: Bettina said the conference registration list to us May 15th. This will give us enough time to plan accordingly.
Bettina: Allison and Matthew, I the conference attendance report from previous years and a great turnout. This means that we can really market our product. I that looking at previous conference reviews help prepare for upcoming ones.
Allison: I that their conferences are often exciting cities.
Matthew: Yes, last year they were Sydney, AU. We a lot of contacts there. This is how we were able to fund our new marketing platform for this year. Maybe we'll find another VC to keep moving us forward in this industry.
Bettina: I hope so too Matthew. I sure we have everything we need to stand out among the crowd. This VC a chance and we excelled in our performance. So we now have a great track record for success.