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Business English: Typical phrases, verbs, prepositions, articles

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Business English:
Cassie: Paul, do you know what I ? Mr. Johnston said that he  to on the departments to really get to know the employees. I am really by this gesture.
Paul: Yes, I heard that. I'm glad he  this. Macy just texted me and said in their directors meeting, he said he be our office March 23rd. He seems very by the fact that he truly believes in the company vision. That's what has my attention with him.
Cassie: Humm, let me put that my calendar. Hopefully, we can to highlight some points for him before he arrives.
Paul: That would be a great idea. We text Macy about this.
Paul: Cassie, I know you just love being here New Orleans. I know it's March here, but it's still pretty cold. I thought we were
Cassie: Yes, I just love New Orleans!. I can always  great food here Bourbon Street. I'll be back here with my sister May for  East Coast Music Fest.
Paul: ?
Cassie: Yes. It's May 23rd and 24th. We staying Bed and Breakfast. This will be our first time 
same time to spend a mini-vacation together. I'm ! Westay extra day or two.
Paul: I bet you are. Your sister  as a bit . You two seem very different.
Cassie: You have to get to know her. Everyone says that about her, but she's not. Why haven't they us our food yet?
Paul: I don't know, and I'm about to  here. I get very rude.
Waiter: Here's your order.
Cassie: My dish is cold. I can't believe I've all the way here for cold food. I send this back.
Waiter: I'm sorry about that. I can and let you pick out something else if you like.
Cassie: And I  dying from starvation?
Waiter: Salads don't take long to prepare.
Cassie: Well, let me and have a salad.
Paul: I'm sorry your meal is cold. But this dish is awesome. I see why you love New Orleans.
Cassie: This experience change my mind.