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Business English: Typical phrases, verbs, prepositions, articles

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Business English:

Robert: Hi guys, it’s nice to finally meet you face-to-face. So, ? We’ve been on web conferencing since January and I wanted to give you the opportunity to speak to me personally about your concerns. When the announcement about me becoming the CEO, I was excited at the opportunity. I moved companies like Google and Bing to where they are today and I want to do the same for Westin Logistics.

Cassie: Yes, Mr. Johnston, we look forward to working with you. We made outline of our concerns. There are some areas that be looked into immediately.

Paul: I agree with you Cassie. Mr. Johnston, it will be great to us if we don’t ensure an additional supplier. Once we held up shipments due to unstable supplier. Luckily, our logistics team , however, we an agreement to a promised delivery date.

Robert: I see. Well since this is the situation, Macy, can you and your team look into locating an additional supplier so this will give us an option in the event this happen again? We have this time, but the next time we not be so lucky. I’m a firm believer that we should always have two options.

Macy: Yes, Mr. Johnston, I will look into that for you. There’s a supplier in Hong Kong that waive the FOB Plant for their goods depending on how we purchase. I’ll check into that amount and provide you with update.

Robert: You also want to speak with the current supplier, they be able to waive the FOB Plant as well. If a supplier good to us, then I believe in trying to work with them. A bird in the hand, worth more than .

Macy: I contact them as well. I also able to negotiate with FedEx, UPS and DHL to ensure on time delivery to our customers. That was one of my goals for the first quarter of this year. We those contracts Thursday of next week.

Robert: That’s great Macy. Paul, can you me an update on warehousing? ? I thought I an email from Eli indicating the lease on the warehouse is increasing by 20%. We need to find another location. This will kill our profits.

Paul: Yes, I saw that email too. I will get with Eli and work something out.

Robert: Okay, It looks like everything is very well here in Tampa. I look forward to seeing you all June our summer Siesta Retreat San Diego.