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Business English: Typical phrases, verbs, prepositions, articles

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Business English:

Announcer: And now, let’s welcome Robert Johnston, the CEO of Westin Logistics!

Robert: Thank you! I’m glad you are here San Diego, June the summer Siesta Retreat. It’s amazing how we’ve accomplished in such a short period of time. Just think, last year this time, iJuly, in fact, we were going through a major administrative change. Now, look at where we are, we’ve in and made it through to such great accomplishments. And, there are more goals and objectives to meet.

Cassie: See Paul, I just love to hear Mr. Johnston speak. He’s so .

Paul: Yes he is. You remember our meeting March with him Tampa, the office, and all the things he us to do. We did them and now Westin Logistics is really running like a .

Cassie: You are right. I’m glad we the goals and them. Hey, one is his wife? I’d like to see her. I she was cool too.

Paul: I’m not sure. Is she even here San Diego with him? She have not been able to attend the conference this year. I bet she’s awesome woman.

Cassie: Well, I have come, but of course, there are more conferences to attend. Oh, that’s her, she be the one in the yellow dress. He’s pointing to her now.

Paul: Oh, I see her. Oh, you know, I saw her when we were New Orleans, the conference last February, 2017. She seems easy to hang out with.

Cassie: Yes, you are right. Now I remember. So breakout meeting do you want to attend? Macy said we attend different ones so we can get the full scope of the conference.

Paul: Well, I need to attend anything on cutting cost with suppliers, since that’s my new role now.

Cassie: Okay. Well I guess that leaves me with learning how to follow through with contract negotiations, since Macy is in management and no longer doing that. I think I’ll sit in on that workshop it seems interesting.

Macy: restaurant and bar do you guys want to eat tonight? If I make a request, I’d like some great Californian seafood.

Cassie: I’d love that too. You’d think we’d be tired of seafood, since we’re from Tampa, but I’m with you. I want a great restaurant too.

Paul: Hey ladies, just text me the time and place and I’ll see you there. My session is about to start!