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Types of Films

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Can you guess the type of film? Choose the right answer

A- It is amusing and has a happy ending. 

B- It is a story about a love affair.

C- Danger and action (like people fighting, car chases, climbing etc...) are very important parts of the story 

D- It is full of frightening scenes and makes people afraid.

E - It is based on imagined scientific discoveries of the future, space travel and life on other planets.

F - It has moving drawings.

G - It is about the story of a person’s life written by somebody else.

H - It is about crimes and strange events that are only explained at the end.

I - It is an exciting story, especially one about crime or spying. People are very excited about what's going to happen next (there's lots of danger, tension and suspense)

J - It has topics for children.

K- It is about cowboys in the west of the USA.

L - It is about an unexpected event which causes a lot of damage.

M- It is about people and events in the past.