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Practice: Simple Present Tense

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Present Simple Practice

Choose the correct answer:
1) Mary �volleyball on Mondays.
2) I �every weekend.
3) Chris and Pat �to school at 7:30 AM.
4) The students �the homework in the afternoon.
5) Martha �a tree.
Complete with the correct verb.
a) Camila �the homework at home.
b) I �my bike everyday.
c) John �to music.
d) Tom �football at the club on Tuesdays.
e) My father �his brand new car.
f) You �the newspaper on Sundays,
g) My sister �T.V. in the evening.
h) Lucy and I �at 9 o�clock everyday.
i) Danielle �home at 6:30.
Write the previous senteces into the NEGATIVE form. Use "DO NOT" (not don�t) or "DOES NOT" (not doesn�t), please.
a) Camila��the homework at home.
b) I��my bike everyday.
c) John��to music.
d) Tom��football at the club on Tuesdays.
e) My father��his brand new car.
f) You��the newspaper on Sundays,
g) My sister��T.V. in the evening.
h) Lucy and I��at 9 o�clock everyday.
i) Danielle��home at 6:30.
Complete the questions, then answer.
1)� you� up at 8 AM?
Yes, .
2)� Sylvia� the homework?
No, .
3)� your mother� your bedroom?
Yes, .
4)�� you� English?
Yes, .
5)� Clarisa� a tree?
No, .