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Practice: Simple Present Tense

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Present Simple Practice

Choose the correct answer:
1) Mary  volleyball on Mondays.
2) I  every weekend.
3) Chris and Pat  to school at 7:30 AM.
4) The students  the homework in the afternoon.
5) Martha  a tree.
Complete with the correct verb.
a) Camila  the homework at home.
b) I  my bike everyday.
c) John  to music.
d) Tom  football at the club on Tuesdays.
e) My father  his brand new car.
f) You  the newspaper on Sundays,
g) My sister  T.V. in the evening.
h) Lucy and I  at 9 o´clock everyday.
i) Danielle  home at 6:30.
Write the previous senteces into the NEGATIVE form. Use "DO NOT" (not don´t) or "DOES NOT" (not doesn´t), please.
a) Camila  the homework at home.
b) I  my bike everyday.
c) John  to music.
d) Tom  football at the club on Tuesdays.
e) My father  his brand new car.
f) You  the newspaper on Sundays,
g) My sister  T.V. in the evening.
h) Lucy and I  at 9 o´clock everyday.
i) Danielle  home at 6:30.
Complete the questions, then answer.
1)  you  up at 8 AM?
Yes, .
2)  Sylvia  the homework?
No, .
3)  your mother  your bedroom?
Yes, .
4)   you  English?
Yes, .
5)  Clarisa  a tree?
No, .