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Colegio Patriarca San José.                                            

Teacher: Roberto Bolaños Q.

Short written test.   


A: Complete using   is-am- are.

 1. She   a student.

2. We    teachers.

3. It    a cat.

4. Lucy   a pupil.

5. They   dogs.

6. John  a boy.

7. I  American.

8. Tom and Peter  friends.

9. You  a girl.

10. The book  red.


B: Make the sentences negative.


1. Ben is 16 years old.

Ben is not 16 years old.


2. Liza is from Japan.


3. You and your dog are from Spain.


4. Roger and Tina are from San Carlos.


5. I am hungry.


6. Gina and Roy and I are Math teachers.



B: Give short answers.


      1. Is Marian fat?

       No she isn’t.


2. Is our school new?


3. Are the tables clean?


4. Are you and Hilda in 7th grade?


5. Are Edit and Samuel English teachers?


D: Write yes/no questions.

1. Maya Rojas is blond.

     Is Maya Rojas blond?


2. My sister and I are from Cuba.


3. You and your father are here.


4. She is hungry.


5. The lessons are too long.