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Macy: Okay Paul, we’ll on the market report until next Monday. , our meeting with Mr. Johnanson. So, have a small informal gathering in the lobby during lunch so everyone can mingle and get to meet Mr. Johanson. ?

Cassie: I do. Macy. Since we are due to the software updates and we can’t use the internet, this would be a great way to still have productivity. What day will this be?

Macy: It will be Thursday the 12th.

Paul: What time?

Macy: I’m thinking it would be

Paul: Okay, and, that’s May right?

Macy: Yes, .

Cassie: That’s night before the Janet Jackson Concert here in Miami.

Paul: Oh, yes! I to see her perform. She’s awesome!

Macy: Yes she does perform well. I’d love to have her . I mean, she’s very iconic.

Cassie: I know, that’s why I’m going to her concert. My sister has tickets on front row. I can’t wait.

Paul: Okay ladies, . I’ve got to meet my brother for lunch.

Macy: You’re right Paul. Okay, so with the luncheon in the lobby?

Cassie: Yes, this for me.

Paul: Me too.