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Common Business Phrases --3

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Meetings phrases and review:

Paul: Well, Mr. Johanson outhow much of a Wilson, Ind. can be with their contracts. He was furious when he left the meeting. However, he is determined to work harder with Global Enterprises and Eight Haven Industries so we have to depend on Wilson, Industries for our .

Cassie: I see. Well, he want  to expand our options. I somewhere that Wilson Industries have holdings in as much as $90 million in their US market alone. Notthe fact that they actually appeal to more European and Asian markets.

Macy: I have sworn I read that somewhere too. No wonder they feel they can treat us this way and give us such a hard time. Maybe Mr. Johanson will with them and they will that companies are not going to cave into their demands. The only thing they have to for us is their US market. Which in our industry, it’s not of our profits.

Cassie: Yes, I Macy. Paul’s report from last week shows that our focus be in the European markets with Global Enterprises and Eight Haven Industries. They are bringing the majority of our profits, despite the cinnamon flavor elixir. I’m not sure with that.

Paul: Do I feel a sense that you are blaming me for report results? I can’t control Europe and their taste . All I do is report.

Cassie: Paul, I’m not blaming you. All I’m saying is that I don’t understand. Anyway, the agenda, Paul have you to the link Mr. Johanson sent us on Monday to register for the new newsletter from the marketing department. I think this will help us with understanding the European taste buds. Their are definitely different from .

Macy: Mr. Johanson believes the share is lucrative. And expanding to other global companies will allow us to eventually have the opportunity to be with Wilson Industries. He feels, this way we could tell Wilson what our demands are and if they don’t like it then they can leave. There aren’t many companies out there to deal with them like we do.

Paul: Macy. I like this idea. Mr. Johanson is and doesn’t like being controlled by one company. So, I believe that he will make this happen for our company.