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Conversational Use:

Mr. Johanson: Okay team, I’m glad you were able to some time in your day for this quick meeting. I promise I won’t keep you long. I just wanted to update you on the meeting I had with Wilson Industries last week. There be a possibility that we will no longer honor their contract with us. I worked very hard to secure a contract with Global Enterprises, Eight Heaven and Resort Industries. The contracts with these other industries will take effect as early as February 28th. Therefore, the 27th I want to reassign some of you to different teams. Some of you will remain on your same team, but some of you will change.

This does mean that team dynamics change for you, however, I am sure you can all and make the changes that need to be made. Your team leaders’ assignments will be emailed to you as you will find your new team assignments. Please remember that these assignments are only temporary, and will be necessary until we can hire and train additional personnel to manage these accounts. , this means some of you will become new team leaders when this occurs. I will be monitoring all aspects and assign leaders once we get everyone with the new contracts with the new companies.

I want Wilson Industries to know that they are not the . Their contract demands were ridiculous and I was not dealing with their foolishness. They want to be treated like industry leaders, then they should behave as such. We have too much to offer than to be Wilson Industries.

They very well contact us again,  and this be a bad thing. We are at the point where we have moved to a different level in this industry and we do not and will not with such companies that behave this way.

Does anyone have questions? I really think I summarized everything, and as I said, all will be in an email out to you by this evening or first thing in the morning.