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Conversational Practice

Paul: Well, I see that we on different teams to move the company forward from dependence of Wilson, Industries.

Cassie: I think this is good. I’m actually excited about this. I am sad that we be on the same team though.

Macy: I’m a bit sad about that too. I’ve worked hard to get you two into shape. We know each other very well and work together. We get the job done. But, the more I think about it, you two make great team leaders. You both a lot of patience, which the new people Mr. Johanson is bring on board will need since we are moving pretty fast paced.

Cassie: I’ve thought about being a team leader, but there any opportunities here, and I want to leave and go to another company. I like all the benefits I here.

Paul: Yeah, thought about it too, but like my benefits too. And, I like working with you and Macy.

Macy: Well, I just got an email from Mr. Johanson for tomorrow morning, I’m sure flesh out everything to us and request recommendations of team leaders, since I see here that he actually split us up.

Cassie: What! Who am I on a team with?

Macy: Cassie, you are with, Brandon, Zoe, and TBA. Paul, y with Samantha, Foster and TBA. Well, not bad. Each of you a strong team even before the TBA’s are filled.

Cassie: I guess. I wonder be my team leader. Brandon been here longer than me.

Paul: Yeah, a hard worker but not dependable. He problems at home. And Zoe is good to, but a bit flighty. She makes some weird decisions sometimes.

Macy: Well, I worry about that right now. You each do have great people to work with despite their uniqueness.

Paul: Back to what Mr. Johanson mentioned in his meeting earlier, Macy, Mr. Johanson said anything about how long this will take?